A New Year’s Treat! This 4-Ingredient Mandarin Dessert Recipe Is ‘Gram-Worthy & Easy To Make

A Chinese chef shared a viral recipe to make a delicious mandarin dessert using 4 ingredients.

by Shreya Ghosh
A New Year’s Treat! This 4-Ingredient Mandarin Dessert Recipe Is ‘Gram-Worthy & Easy To Make

What about making a unique dessert for your guests this holiday season? This is the perfect season to get good-quality mandarins in the market. You can use this tasty fruit to make an amazing mandarin dessert this winter season. A Chinese chef recently shared a simple video of its preparation and we are here to share everything about it.

Instagrammable Mandarin Dessert Recipe Is Going Viral. It’s Simply Too Pretty!

Taking to Instagram, 厨房| 家常菜 | 料理烹饪 (@jingjing_0326) shared an easy-peasy recipe to make a delicious unique dessert with mandarins.

The Chinese chef showed all the steps of using different ingredients and making the yummy dessert. The best part is that you will need only 4 ingredients to make this and the method is not at all complex or time-consuming like most other desserts and sweet recipes.

The dessert looks absolutely beautiful with flower-shaped mandarins surrounded by a jelly-like texture of white colour. The coating covering the mandarins is prepared with milk, sugar, and a special powder to get the desired thick consistency. Shared just a week back, the viral video has already garnered over 19 million views with 406K likes and thousands of comments.

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Here’s How You Can Make This Appetising Dessert Easily At Home:

Mandarin Dessert
Picture credit- Instagram/ 厨房| 家常菜 | 料理烹饪 (@jingjing_0326)


  • Mandarins
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • White Jelly Bailiangfen


  • To make the delish mandarin dessert, pour milk into a pan and add sugar and some white jelly Bailiangfen.
  • Stir the ingredients well and let everything mix and boil for some time.
  • Next, take a plastic bottle and cut the upper portion of it so that the remaining part is shaped uniformly.
  • Peel mandarins and insert a few inside a stick.
  • Once done, add the mandarin stick inside the bottle and pour the boiled milk mixture.
  • Transfer it inside a refrigerator.
  • Once it cools down and becomes a jelly-like consistency, take it out of the bottle and cut it in circles.
  • The result is surely absolutely gram-worthy and too gorgeous!

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While Netizens are praising how beautiful the dessert looks, many are also pointing out that mixing milk and citrus fruits is not a good idea. Will you try making this yummy mandarin dessert at home?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ 厨房| 家常菜 | 料理烹饪 (@jingjing_0326)

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