Abu Dhabi Introduces New Public Transport Fare System, With Standard Service Fare; Here’s All About It

A 'Standard Service' fare was introduced in the emirate of Abu Dhabi on February 28.

by Anupriya Mishra
Abu Dhabi Introduces New Public Transport Fare System, With Standard Service Fare; Here’s All About It

Public transport is undoubtedly an important part of commuting in Abu Dhabi. And now, the emirate has introduced a new public transport system, which integrates city and suburban transport service. Yes, integrating both into standard service, this was implemented on February 28, Wednesday. Here’s all you need to know about the unified bus fare now applicable in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Introduces ‘Standard Service’ Fare

According to a report by Khaleej Times, it was mentioned that a ‘Standard Service’ fare was introduced in the emirate on February 28. With the fare set at AED2, which included the boarding fee plus an additional 5 fils for every kilometre covered, the cost has been capped at AED5 per journey. A move by the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC), it aims to offer a simplified and user-friendly system. Not to mention, the aim is also to include wider geographical areas and enhance the overall public transport experience in the emirates.

What Are The Conditions To Benefit From The Standard Service Fare

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With the move, passengers can experience seamless transfer between services without having to incur an additional AED2 boarding fee. Take a look at the conditions for this.

  • You must tap into other services within 60 minutes of the last tap out.
  • You cannot transfer in the opposite direction of the journey.
  • A maximum of 2 transfers with the 3 buses are allowed.
  • Between the Abu Dhabi Link service and public transportation bus Standard Services, transfer conditions do apply.

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What About The Costs?

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It should be noted that the fares are calculated on the basis of distance travelled between the point of boarding and alighting. So, it’s mandatory to tap the ‘Hafilat’ card on the reader at the time of boarding and alighting from every bus. This is important for ensuring that your journey is considered a single trip. However, if you fail to tap the card, this can result in penalties and deduction, in the cost of the entire bus route.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that the standard service includes the city and suburban areas of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra. So, take a look at the prices effective as the date of purchase –

  • For a 7-day pass you must pay AED35.
  • For a 30-day pass, it will cost you AED95
  • Updated passes will be sold as of February 28.

It’s worth noting that the passes sold under the previous system are no longer available!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/itcabudhabi

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