After Citizen Petition, Kolkata Metro Trials Extended Operational Hours Till 11 PM To Aid Evening Commuters

This initiative aims to address the needs of late-night workers and passengers.

by Mallika Khurana
After Citizen Petition, Kolkata Metro Trials Extended Operational Hours Till 11 PM To Aid Evening Commuters

In a move aimed at addressing the commuting needs of late-night workers and passengers, the Kolkata Metro Railway has initiated a trial run of late-night services on an experimental basis. Commencing from May 24th, the last Metro trains from Kavi Subhash (New Garia) and Dum Dum stations will now depart at 11:00 PM. This development follows a directive from the Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court, comprising Chief Justice T S Sivagnanam and Justice Hiranmay Bhattacharyya. They urged the Metro authorities to consider extending the operating hours of the Blue Line, which connects Kavi Subhash to Dum Dum.

Petition For Extended Metro Timings In Kolkata


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An Online petition was first filed online by Ajaay Mittal, who brought to the differences in metro service timings between Kolkata and other Indian metropolises. He emphasised that Kolkata Metro’s last service ends as early as 9:40 pm, whereas metros in other states usually run until 11 pm. Furthermore, the petitioner cited instances in which the Metro had previously extended its services on holidays such as Durga Puja, indicating its viability. Later, an advocate’s Public Interest Litigation (PIL), sparked this trial’s start.

While noting that it has limited authority over matters about technical operations, the Division Bench acknowledged the petitioner’s concerns. As per the Millenium Post reports, they urged the authorities to investigate the possibility of extending metro timings. The bench also highlighted the importance of meeting the needs of the many people who work late shifts in the city and must travel great distances to get home.

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Implementation Of Late-Night Services

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Following the court’s directive, Kolkata Metro Railway has initiated special late-night services on the Blue Line as a pilot project. These services will operate from Monday to Friday, with trains departing from Kavi Subhash and Dum Dum stations at 11 pm. Notably, the trial period excludes Saturdays and Sundays.

One ticket counter at each station will remain open to issue tokens and smart cards to facilitate these special services, according to the Millenium Post. This initiative aims to provide a safer and more convenient commuting option for late-night travellers, particularly women, students, and professionals working late shifts or overtime.

As the trial period unfolds, the Metro authorities will assess the operational feasibility and passenger response to determine the potential for a permanent extension of metro timings, thus addressing the evolving transportation needs of Kolkata’s residents.

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