After Gondhoraj Momos, Green Gondhoraj Kathi Rolls From Kolkata Are Going Viral

by Sanmita A
After Gondhoraj Momos, Green Gondhoraj Kathi Rolls From Kolkata Are Going Viral

Kolkata is known for its delicious street food – and the variety of rolls, momos, fries, and parathas it serves to the food lovers in the city. And, what’s best for foodies than gorge on some unusual, delicious and one-of-a-kind dishes? Recently, we figured out what’s grabbing the attention of ardent foodies in Kolkata. And, it’s Kathi rolls! Not the average, everyday Kathi rolls, but one that tastes of the flavourful ‘Gondhoraj lebu’, tender meat, and heavenly spices. The Gondhoraj Kathi Rolls is what foodies in Kolkata want to try next, after the Gondhoraj momos.

Gondhoraj Kathi Rolls & Its Mouthwatering Flavours

Gondhoraj Kathi Rolls, as the name suggests have the flavours and sourness of the Gondhoraj lebu. The taste is heavenly with the perfect balance of meat, flavours, and fillings. We are absolutely sure, you will love to try this delightful snack and won’t mind trying more. Now, where can you find this scrumptious Kathi roll in Kolkata? Well, all you need to do is head to Desi Foodiez, BijoyGarh. Also, you will be in awe of how affordable this snack is, despite its uniqueness. An egg combination with chicken will cost you ₹80, while the only chicken is priced at ₹70.

You can head to the spot for this delicious evening snack after 5 pm.


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Dishes In Kolkata For True Foodies That You Mustn’t Miss

As the street food game strengthens in Kolkata, there are a few must-visit places whenever you are in the city. True foodies and art lovers, should ensure that you explore what Kolkata has to offer to you. After a lot of trying, and understanding what foodies truly enjoy, here are a few dishes we have compiled that you have to eat. Well, start by trying the must-eat kathi rolls at some famous food joints, like the one we mentioned above. We are sure the Gondhoraj Kathi Roll is going to keep you full. Then, try the Kolkata Biryani, some of you might not love the idea of potatoes in Biryani, but why not try & then decide? Hing Kochuri and Jalebis – what is Kolkata without sweetmeat treats, try them first probably!

Lastly, Kolkata has tons of things that you can try & boast about to your peers. But, the masala ‘moori’ mixes and dalmut with some great evening Chaa cannot be missed!

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