After IndiGo, GoFirst Employees Go On Mass Leaves To Protest Against Low Salaries

by Sanmita A

The pandemic was a difficult time for the aviation and tourism industry. Now, after travel regulations lifted in almost all countries, people have begun travelling religiously once again. However, the aviation industry in India is shaky as employees of different airlines are protesting against low salaries. Last week, the commercial airline, IndiGo faced issues after its employees took mass leaves. Now, another airline, GoFirst aircraft maintenance technicians have taken mass leaves during the past three days to protest low salaries.

GoFirst Technicians Protest

In response to the protest, GoFirst has asked the technicians who mailed in for their absence to report to the airline’s doctor with the necessary documents to support their medical condition. The stance of the employees has led to GoFirst’s call for disciplinary action. Reportedly, the technicians who went on leave wrote to GoFirst management asking for an increase in their salaries via mail.

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After IndiGo, GoFirst Employees Express Disappointment

Although, IndiGo increased the salaries of its pilot and other crew after they went on mass leave to attend Air India’s all-India recruitment drive. GoFirst Airlines is yet to take any call in this regard. At the moment, GoFirst has only asked its absent technicians to produce medical documents.

The employees in the aviation industry are protesting their low salaries as it was cut down after the pandemic struck two years ago. Now, after the initiation of travel once again, and the boom in travel, airline employees are asking for an increase in their salaries.

Increase In Flight Prices

Due to the pandemic, and other factors like fuel prices, domestic and international flight prices have taken a massive jump. As there has been an increase in travel, flight prices across the country have increased too. Reportedly, the airlines are trying to balance the loss, that the aviation industry underwent in the past two years.

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