After Joshimath Cracks, Badrinath National Highway And Houses In Rishikesh Are Seeing Cracks Too

by Shreya Ghosh
After Joshimath Cracks, Badrinath National Highway And Houses In Rishikesh Are Seeing Cracks Too

Uttarakhand is home to some of India’s most beautiful hill stations and most-visited pilgrims and temples. This state is visited by thousands and lakhs each and every year. But unfortunately, some places here are reporting cracks and facing crises in houses and surroundings. It started showing up sometime back in Joshimath but the danger slowly started expanding to other hill towns as well. Now Badrinath National Highway and Rishikesh are also experiencing this scenario.

After Joshimath, These Places In Uttarakhand Are Seeing New Cracks & Sinking Down

Picture credits: Wikimedia

A village named Atali in Rishikesh is going through a very difficult time because of many cases of reporting cracks in houses. About 85 houses in this village saw cracks in their walls. Surendra Dev is the tehsildar of Karnaprayag and he recently shared that places such as Bahuguna Nagar, CMP Bend, and ITI Colony are the places that suffered the most because of cracks and sinking. Another place to experience a similar scenario is Tehri Garhwal. Houses and land there reported many cracks and in fact, places around here saw the same.

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Locals of Rishikesh feel that the reason behind such an increase in cases of cracks in houses and land is the construction process of the tunnel under the Rishikesh-Karnaprayag rail project.

Badrinath National Highway Is Seeing Cracks As Well

The cracks started appearing on this highway just very recently. It has been only some days since the locals saw this. After Joshimath and Rishikesh, this is another area in Uttarakhand that is going through this hard time. This is mostly happening in the Singhdhar ward and many houses in Bahuguna Nagar on this highway. Nand Kishore Joshi is the District Disaster Management Officer of Chamoli and he said that landslides here are to blame for the condition of the highway.

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Even with cracks and subsidence, people are still using the road as there have not been many changes in traffic. This highway also witnesses massive traffic during April and May because of the Char Dham yatra.

The situation in Joshimath is worsening too with more cracks and protests from locals increasing as well.

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