After Mumbai-Pune E-way’s 18% Hike, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Also Hikes By 7% From April 1

by Tooba Shaikh
After Mumbai-Pune E-way’s 18% Hike, Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Also Hikes By 7% From April 1

If you use the recently opened Delhi-Mumbai expressway, the KMP expressway or the Sohna-Gurugram road, you might wanna pay attention. Travelling on these roadways is about to get more expensive than it used to be. The toll prices of these bridges have been hiked. From the 1st of April, the prices to cross the toll nakas on the bridge are all set to increase by approximately 7 per cent. 

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway To Hike Toll Prices

Travelling via the Delhi-Mumbai expressway is about to get more expensive as the prices of the toll nakas will be hiked by seven per cent. This hike in the prices of toll nakas was approved by the National Highways Authority of India or NHAI and by the Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation or HSIIDC.

The Kundli-Manesar-Palwal or KMP expressway has a total of 12 toll booths and 83 kilometres that can, as of now, be taxed. The toll hike here, which is collected as per the distance travelled by a vehicle, is going to affect an average of 60,000 daily travellers who use the roadway.

For light motor vehicles, jeeps, cars and vans, the price of ₹1.67 per kilometre has been increased to ₹1.73. Large Goods Vehicles or LGVs, Light Commercial Vehicles or LCVs, and minibuses will have to pay ₹2.8 from the 1st of April instead of ₹2.6.

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Details About New Prices

Delhi-Mumbai Expressway
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The highest hike is recorded at the Mumbai expressway. The Sohna-Dausa expressway initially cost ₹500. Now, the prices have gone up to ₹535. LGVs, LCVs, and minibuses had to previously pay only ₹805. They now have to pay ₹845.

Where two-axle vehicles, buses, trucks, etc., had to pay ₹1,685, they will not have to pay ₹1,770. The three-axle vehicles will not have to pay ₹1,930 instead of the earlier rate of ₹1,840. The seven-axle vehicles will have to pay ₹2,775 rather than ₹2,645. Vehicles with more than seven axles will have to pay ₹3,380 instead of ₹3,215.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons