Air India Paris Flight Returns Safely To Delhi Airport After Suspecting Tyre Burst! Details Inside.

by Shreya Rathod
Air India Paris Flight Returns Safely To Delhi Airport After Suspecting Tyre Burst! Details Inside.

An incident took place with India’s flag carrier, Air India, yet again. The flight was supposed to fly from Delhi to Paris. However, it has to return to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The reason for this was a suspected tyre burst. Here is what exactly happened with the Air India Paris-bound flight.

Air India Delhi To Paris Flight Suspected A Tyre Burst!

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On Friday, Air India Flight AI143, bound for Paris from Delhi, made an immediate return to Delhi. The decision was made in response to information from Delhi Air Traffic Control (ATC) regarding possible tyre debris seen on the runway upon takeoff.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the flight successfully landed in Delhi at 2:18 pm. Further, a statement from an Air India representative, on July 28, 2023, Flight AI143, operating Delhi-Paris, air-returned shortly after takeoff. This happened after Delhi ATC informed the flight crew that possible tyre debris had been spotted on the runway and the flight safely touched down in Delhi.

The airline made alternative arrangements to ensure that all passengers reach their destinations without further delays while the aircraft was undergoing critical safety checks in Delhi.

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The airline authorities expressed their regret for causing inconvenience to passengers, which were more than 200, but their top priority is the safety of everyone on board.

Other Incidents Of Tyre Burst

air india paris flight
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Flight services have been increasingly disrupted by tyre problems. A SpiceJet flight to Kochi experienced a tyre blowout during landing on July 4 earlier in the month. Despite the tyre blowout, the flight, which was departing from Dubai, made it to Kochi airport without incident.

An EgyptAir flight that had taken off from Cairo International Airport on May 28 blew out a tyre. However, there were no casualties noted. In a separate occurrence, IndiGo was fined ₹30 lakh by the DGCA for four tail strikes that occurred over six months.

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Following a thorough investigation of Indigo Airlines, the DGCA found certain systemic deficiencies in the documentation of the airline’s operations and engineering procedures. Comment below and share your thoughts about this incident on Air India Paris flight.

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