“Airline Lost My Bag So I Have No Jacket In Oslo”, Kanan Gill Reaches Norway Without His Bag

An airline lost Kanan Gill's bag and now he's in Norway without a jacket!

by Tooba Shaikh
“Airline Lost My Bag So I Have No Jacket In Oslo”, Kanan Gill Reaches Norway Without His Bag

Travelling by air is always a risk. Many people end up facing a variety of problems when travelling by air— from delayed flights to misplaced luggage. Recently, the famous standup comedian Kanan Gill ran into one such issue. He was on a flight to Norway which is currently witnessing sub-zero temperature. However, sadly, the airline misplaced Kanan Gill’s bags. Now, he must brave the cold weather of Oslo without a jacket!

Kanan Gill Reaches Norway; Airline Loses His Bags

Image Credits: @kanangill/Instagram

Many people find travelling exciting. Be that as it may, it can also be quite nerve-wracking. A number of things can go wrong and sometimes, they do. Flights get delayed, the crew members may be rude, passengers may be annoying, and whatnot. It is particularly disheartening to find, upon landing, that your luggage has been misplaced or lost.

The widely-loved standup comedian, Kanan Gill, recently faced one such issue. He took to Instagram and shared that he was back in Norway. In a follow-up story, he mentioned that the airline he travelled with, he did not specify its name, misplaced his bag. Now, he was left to face the temperature of -12° Celsius without a jacket!

This is not the first time he has visited Norway. He previously went there and shot a Norwegian romantic comedy movie called ‘Christmas As Usual’. Now, he’s back in the picturesque and cold European country. If his story is to go by, he is currently in Oslo, which is the capital city of Norway. We hope the airline restores his bag to him soon!

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Ankit Tiwari Has Bad Experience With IndiGo Flight

Kanan Gill is not the first famous person who has encountered such problems in air travel. In mid-November, Ankit Tiwari ran into quite a few issues with the IndiGo flight he took to Kanpur, which is his hometown. He was travelling with his wife and daughter. In a series of posts he made on X (formerly known as Twitter), he said that first his flight was delayed and he wasn’t informed of it.

Then, the ground staff misplaced his luggage. He was supposed to reach Kanpur at 1:48 PM but as per the post made at 7:17 PM, he was still at the airport waiting for his luggage. As per the post, they had been waiting at the airport for more than 45 minutes. He even went on to say that this was the worst flight he had ever experienced.

The airline responded to the series of posts with contrition and said that they regretted that he had such a bad experience.

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Have you ever had a similar experience where the airline lost or misplaced your luggage? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: @kanangill/Instagram

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