Airline Veteran Busts The ‘Tuesday At 3 pm’ Myth For Booking Cheap Flights; Reveals How To Score The Best Deals

So, how do you beat this system?

by Nikitha Sebastian
Airline Veteran Busts The ‘Tuesday At 3 pm’ Myth For Booking Cheap Flights; Reveals How To Score The Best Deals

They say book your flight on a Tuesday at 3 pm for the cheapest deals. Chow Ping, an Airline veteran took to X (Formerly, Twitter) to declare that’s a flat-out myth and bust it! While timing can play a role, it’s not the magic bullet you might think.

Airline Veteran Busts Myth For Booking Cheap Flights

Ever felt like the price mysteriously jumps after you check a flight? Here’s the secret airlines don’t want you to know: The best strategies for cheap tickets (off-peak travel, flexible destinations, stopovers) are good starting points, but to truly “game the system,” you need to understand how airlines price their seats.

Confused by those ever-changing flight prices? Blame the AI. Airline fares have transformed since the 1970s, with deregulation leading to a massive price drop

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Beat The System

Airline Veteran Busts Myth
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So, how do you beat this system? Forget the “Tuesday at 3PM” myth. Here are your real weapons:

  • Be open to different travel dates for the best deals.
  • Incognito mode can help prevent the algorithms from tracking your searches and potentially raising prices.
  • Set up price alerts for your desired route so you can jump on a deal when it pops up.

Airlines use a complex system of booking classes and fare codes, with American, British, and United using different codes for different fares. AI algorithms determine prices based on factors like leisure vs. business travel, past booking data, competitor prices, fuel costs, and seasonal demand.

The “Southwest Effect” has increased competition among major airlines, leading to significant fare drops. Airlines are now focusing on offering experiences like baggage fees, seat selection, priority boarding, and Wi-Fi, which generated $59.2 billion in 2015 and a steady 20% annual increase. The takeaway? For the best deals, stick to the base fare and avoid the extras (unless they’re essential).

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Airline pricing is a complex dance of supply, demand, and data. To score deals, remember these tips: be flexible with dates, use incognito mode, set up price alerts, and skip the a la carte add-ons. Happy hunting!

Cover Image Courtesy: @Chowpinglee/X (Formerly, Twitter), Canva (Representative Image)

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