Alcohol Is Literally Flowing Out Of Kitchen Taps In Kerala Instead Of Water!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Alcohol Is Literally Flowing Out Of Kitchen Taps In Kerala Instead Of Water!

It’s just another morning. You pull yourself out of bed and put on your bathroom slippers. While rubbing your drowsy eyes, you open the sink tap to rinse your mouth like you do every day. But wait. Something is different. This water doesn’t taste right. In fact, it doesn’t taste like water at all. Ever wished alcohol just flowed out of your house taps? Believe it or not, your fantasy has turned to reality. A town in Kerala found itself confused when one fine morning, alcohol literally started flowing out of their taps at home. Was this the work of Jesus?

What’s Going On

A residential building in Kerala’s Chalakkudy left 18 families shocked in confused as if they were under the effects of alcohol. Little did they know, they actually were! They had even complained the previous evening about a foul smell. No one took them seriously until they were national news material. The residents of Solomon’s Avenue apartment in Thrissur district are living in God’s own country it seems. Why aren’t we?

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What Happened

After smelling alcohol in their water, residents began to make some noise. They called each other up and realised 18 homes were facing the same problem. So, they complained to the authorities like goody-goodies. The dream soon came to an end and the mystery was solved. Even the culprits have been caught. It’s the excise department. Six years ago, 6,000 litres of liquor was seized from a nearby bar. The bar Rachana was closed down but, a lot of alcohol had to be taken care of. A local court decided to destroy all of our favourite drinks. So, the excise department saw it fit to drain 6,000 litres of liquor in a pit. Turns out, this pit was close to the well that pumps water to these homes. Oops. Did you know India’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic To Open In Bangalore In February 2020!

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Now What

The alcohol contaminated 20,000 litres of drinking water. It seeped into the soil and mixed a cocktail no one ordered. What do you do when you get served something you didn’t order? Send it back! The excise department began a 6-hour mission of draining out the alcohol-water from the open well. Tankers swarmed in with 5,000 litres of drinking water for the affected residents. Guess who bore the cost of this water? The owner of said bar, Rachana!

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“The whole experience was very traumatic for us. My kids did not go to school for two days. We were managing with mineral water cans the whole of Sunday,” the building owner told reporters. He also mentioned that the residents were planning to file an official complaint seeking serious action against the “excise sleuths”. Meanwhile, the excise department said, “it was just 2,000 bottles, so they decided to dispose it off by digging a pit.” The dream is over. Alcohol is no longer free flowing out of kitchen taps. Life is boring again.

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