All-Women Run, Unaavu Kitchen Brings The Flavours Of South India To Jodhpur

by Shreya Shriyan
All-Women Run, Unaavu Kitchen Brings The Flavours Of South India To Jodhpur

This women-run kitchen has turned the derogatory phrase “women belong in the kitchen” into a sense of empowerment, while also bringing the taste of South India to Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

This Women-Run Kitchen Brings The Taste Of South To Jodhpur

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Unaavu Kitchen is the brainchild of its founders, Chandni Arora, a seasoned PR professional who previously held the position of Head of Corporate Communications at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, and after venturing into entrepreneurship, founded Unaavu and undertook various independent communication projects.

And Seema Marothi, a homemaker who courageously transformed her passion and childhood memories of Coimbatore’s beloved South Indian cuisine into a professional endeavour with a strong belief in food as a healing medium.

What makes their restaurant even better is that it is an all-women-run kitchen. The goal was to introduce a new palette into the Jodhpur market, utilizing the highest quality ingredients and thoughtful cooking practices.

Unaavu Kitchen makes all its materials in-house. Be it masalas, batters pickles, or even ice cream. The restaurant’s ideology highly believes in serving only the most authentic foods to its customers. Some such authentic dishes to make the cut on their menu are Idiyappams, moongdal/coconut payasams, sundals, poriyals, etc.

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To give its customers in Jodhpur the whole South Indian culinary experience, Unaavu Kitchen also curates unique experiences such as community-style sit-down meals for patrons.

They also present recipes from different regions of Tamil Nadu which include items like Kumbakonam Kaddapa, Patnam Pakoda, Mor Kulambu, etc., dishes that those in the north would not popularly know.

In order to provide assistance with the groundwork, consultants from Tamil Nadu, who are home cooks, were brought on board to train local Jodhpur women in the fundamental aspects of South Indian cooking.

Unaavu Kitchen And How Its Empowering Women From All Walks Of life

All-Women Run, Unaavu Kitchen Brings The Flavours Of South India To Jodhpur
Image Courtesy: Unaavu Kitchen Press Release

Unaavu Kitchen ensures a minimal carbon footprint by adopting biodegradable/recyclable packaging and implementing meticulous checks and balances throughout its cooking process to minimize wastage. They hold the distinction of being Jodhpur’s pioneering establishment to embrace biodegradable packaging.

Unaavu stands firmly on the foundation of its remarkable all-women team. Serving as an all-women restaurant, Unaavu proudly employs local women who have long remained in the shadows, including talented home cooks and dedicated domestic workers.

What began as a vision to create an empowering environment for these women soon blossomed into a platform that nurtured their personal growth and offered them professional and financial opportunities.

The overarching goal was to reshape the narrative in the food and beverage industry, equipping these women with new skills and empowering them to run a successful business. From a humble start with a team of two, Unaavu has now flourished into a thriving tribe of eleven remarkable women.

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Within their tribe of women, there exists a diverse range of life experiences. Among them is a resilient woman over the age of 70 who tirelessly supports her family, a single mother courageously raising three young children, and a survivor of domestic abuse who has achieved independence.

These women embody the spirit of hustlers, skillfully managing both their homes and work responsibilities. Through this empowering initiative, they have discovered financial stability and fulfilment, with some becoming the highest earners in their families.

Each of these remarkable women is rewriting her own narrative, stepping outside her comfort zone, and forging meaningful friendships and connections, all while inspiring others to join their extraordinary tribe.

Cover Image Courtesy: Unaavu Kitchen Press Release