All You Need To Know About The 3 UAE-Based NRI Indians That Are On The Forbes World’s Richest List

by Deeplata Garde
All You Need To Know About The 3 UAE-Based NRI Indians That Are On The Forbes World’s Richest List

The wealthiest of all features on Forbe’s list. The numbers seem to be exceeding as many people are turning up to be philanthropic, tech- giants and much more. The total wealth of India’s top 100 earners increased by $25 billion to reach $800 billion as the country’s economy. Basically, India has surpassed the UK & turn into the fifth-largest in the world. Blame the post-pandemic demand resurgence. Recently 3 UAE-based Indian Expats were added to the Forbes list.

UAE-based NRIs Included in Forbes’ World’s Richest List

The Non- Resident Indian Billionaires hailing from UAE are MA Yousali, Micky Jagtiani and Joy Allukkas. Everyone on this list is a chairman of a well-known wealthy business.

1. MA Yusufali

Pi Creds: Forbes

Everyone’s aware of the Lulu group which has supermarkets spread across UAE. MA Yusufali is known to be the chairman of this group. Not limited to UAE, Lulu is the fastest-growing hypermarket group which has amassed $5.4 billion. This has helped MA Yusufali to stand at the 35th rank on the Forbes list.

2. Joy Alukkas

Pic Creds: ForbesIndia

This Indian businessman hailing from the southern state of Kerela went on to become the household jewellery brand in India and UAE. Climbing the stairs of the Forbes list, the chairman of Joyalukkas Jewelry has also received awards of appreciation from HH Mohammed bin Rashid in Dubai. This non-resident Indian Jeweler owns a business net profit totalling $3.1 billion. He stands in the 69th position and is the only jeweller in the entire Forbes 100 list.

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3. Micky Jagtani

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From the history of dropping out of university to becoming one of the acquired businessmen, Micky Jagtani came far. The famous Landmark group of Dubai is his brainchild. The company deals with the retail of baby products, consumer electronics, fashion, footwear, cosmetics, and home renovation items. The group also includes holdings in the healthcare, mall management, and hotel & leisure. Micky Jagtiani stands at 69th rank with $1.2 billion.

Apart from these billionaires, Nykaa’s CEO Falguni Nayar was the recent name to join the bandwagon. Adani has soared to the first spot on Forbes 100 List after making successful ventures in the last 2 years.

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