Almost 6000 Kgs Of Trash Found On Cocoa Beach In Florida After Lockdown Measures Were Eased

by Gizel Menezes
Almost 6000 Kgs Of Trash Found On Cocoa Beach In Florida After Lockdown Measures Were Eased

With the lockdown having so many valuable lessons to teach us, especially about respecting the environment, it’s rather sad that humans prefer to go about their old ways.

In Florida, people went back to being their ‘trashy’ selves, as they left as much as 6,000 kgs of trash on the beach.

Image Courtesy: WCTV

People Left Almost 6000 Kgs Of Trash In Florida As Lockdown Restrictions Eased

Beaches in Cocoa Beach City has just reopened in the first weekend of May and people in large numbers flocked to the beaches to soak in some sea and sand. However, along with them, came trash weighing more than 6,000 kgs.

Keep Brevard Beautiful, a Florida-based non-profit which helps in picking up trash from beaches across the city, collected 297 bags of trash on the first weekend.

According to them, they collect about 30 to 40 bags on average on a day during this time of year. But with lockdown restrictions eased and thousands going to the beach to enjoy fresh air after being cooped up at home, the trash collected has increased.

The non-profit worries about that such huge amounts of trash will harm marine life and the beach environment.

Image Courtesy: Florida Today

Cocoa Beach Police Has Issued Strict Warning To The Violators

Looking at the massive surge in trash, Cocoa Beach Police had to issue a strict warning to the visitors. They also issued a reminder that littering on the beach will result in heavy fine of $250 dollars (INR 18,850).

While police continue to dispatch more officers to the beach to check for litter violations, they’ve also asked members of the community to alert them if they spot anyone littering. 

However, neither the police nor the non-profit are trying to prevent people from going to the beach. They just want people to enjoy responsibly. And we don’t think that’s a lot to ask right?