Aminabad In Lucknow Is A Foodie’s Paradise & Here’s What You Should Try!

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 825

Just around 12 minutes away from Lucknow station, one of the oldest marketplaces in the city teems with shoppers and foodies all throughout the day. The lanes of Aminabad wear a timeworn look, with age-old buildings conspicuously lining up on each side. The food places here are historic too. Aminabad is home to Lucknow’s iconic eatery Tunday Kebabi which dates back to 1905. The eatery had come into existence during the rule of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula and is known for serving Tundey Kebabs. Apart from Tundey Kebabi, there is a lot more to try out at Aminabad. In fact, there’s something to surprise you at every step here. The food joints are located very close to one another, allowing you to binge on a plethora of options within a small space. So, what are the best food options to relish in Aminabad? Here are 6 options:

1. Tundey Kebabs

The tender and highly flavourful Tundey Kebabs can be best enjoyed with simple Lucknowi parathas. Tunday Kebabi in Aminabad serves two kinds of Tundey Kebabs- Tundey Galawati Mutton Kebabs and Tundey Galawati Buffalo Kebabs. Besides Tundey Kebabs, the shop serves Boti Kebabs too.

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2. Basket Chaat

Although Lucknow’s Royal Cafe Hazratganj was the first eatery to launch this delish chaat, you can relish it in Aminabad too. A street shop right opposite Tundey Kebabi serves highly scrumptious basket chaat topped with amchoor, aloo tikki, tamarind chutney, yoghurt and more. Lucknow is the birthplace of this chaat. which is served in a crispy edible basket. You won’t get basket chaat as amazing as the Lucknow lanes anywhere else in India.

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3. Kashmiri Pink Tea

At the T-point of Aminabad, a little cart sells refreshing Kashmiri tea which is pink in colour. And the tea is not served in paper or plastic cups. They come in proper porcelain cups to impart an elegant feel. The drink is prepared with special Kashmiri tea leaves and milk.

Picture Credits: Suchismita Pal

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4. Awadhi Kheer

This is a must-try dessert in Lucknow for all those who have a sweet tooth. You can try it out at the Kashmiri Tea stall as well as the Tundey Kebabi restaurant.

Aminabad Lucknow

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5. Kulfi

If you want to relish the creamiest Kulfi in Lucknow, the historic Prakash Ki Mashoor Kulfi is the place to count on. The Prakash Kulfi shop at Aminabad was started as a little stall by Prakash Chandra Arora in 1956. Kulfi is a royal dessert that had evolved in the Mughal kitchens. And Lucknow is one of the most ideal places to savour it to the fullest.

Aminabad Lucknow

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6. Rotis And Naans

Aminabad is also dotted with shops that sell a wide variety of rotis and naans like Taftan Naan and Khameri Roti. One can also try sweet varients of naans in Lucknow like Sheermal and Bakarkhani. Bakarkhani is a larger than usual sheermals and is bright orange in colour.

Aminabad Lucknow

Picture Credits: Suchismita Pal

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