Andhra Man Boarded Vande Bharat Express Train To Click A Selfie, Ended Up Travelling 159 Km 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Andhra Man Boarded Vande Bharat Express Train To Click A Selfie, Ended Up Travelling 159 Km 

Every day, many videos go viral on the internet for different reasons, some hilarious and some sensitive. A video from the Vande Bharat Express went viral on social media. The video features a man in the newly inaugurated Vande Bharat Express who got stuck in the train for a selfie. The man had to travel 159 kilometres because of this. Looking at this incident, the railway authorities have now decided to sensitise people about the new express. 

Man Boards Vande Bharat Express For A Selfie

The viral video is from the new Vande Bharat Express, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 15. On 16th January, the train that connects Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam, by an Andhra man. The man in the video boarded the train at Rajahmundry station, only to click a selfie inside the train. While he was about to deboard the express, the automatic doors got closed. 

This was because the train began heading towards the next station, Vijayawada. The TTE and other officials noticed this, and the man asked them to open the door. They did not open the door as it was not an emergency situation, and he was forced to travel to the next station, which was 159 km away. No penalty was imposed on him, but he was asked to pay the fare until the next stop.

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Railway Officials Sensitise People About The Express

Looking at this incident, the railway officials understood the need to sensitise people about the features of the newly introduced Vande Bharat Express. Vavilapalli Rambabu, senior divisional commercial manager, said that the Vande Bharat Express has a centralised door operating system. The doors are operated by the guard and locomotive pilots. In an emergency, the TTEs will coordinate with the guard and the loco pilots, who will then open and close the entrance.

The TTEs and staff at all railway stations have been given instructions to announce the arrival of the special train to the public and explain its features and any necessary safety measures. In the event of an emergency, passengers can get in touch with the TTEs, who will then notify the guard and loco pilots using the available hand-held terminals (HHTs).

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Pic credits: @krishnamurthy/Twitter

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