Another Food Poisoning Incident In Kerala, 68 People Have Food Poisoning After Eating At A Local Hotel

by Shreya Ghosh
Another Food Poisoning Incident In Kerala, 68 People Have Food Poisoning After Eating At A Local Hotel

Food poisoning cases are increasing so fast in the state of Kerala. New cases and incidents of food poisoning are coming out on the news very frequently. The most recent news is that 68 people fell sick after eating food from a hotel in Kerala. These patients are suffering from body aches, diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. Where is this hotel and what really happened? Read on to find out!

68 People In Kerala Are Suffering From Food Poisoning

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All 68 patients ate from the hotel named “Majlis” in Paravur of the Ernakulam district on Monday. They ate different food items such as Al-Faham, Kuzhimanthi, Mandi, and Shewai from this hotel on that day and soon they started experiencing the symptoms from Monday evening. The Municipal Health officials shut down the Kerala hotel and also suspended the license. Around 20 patients were rushed to private hospitals and 28 people were treated at the Paravur Taluk Hospital in Kerala. Unfortunately, one patient is facing a critical situation and she is admitted to the Ernakulam Medical College. Among these 68 people, 9 are Kunnukara MES College students.

The Municipal Health officials are guessing that the primary reason behind all the people falling sick after eating Majlis is the meat served on that day. Officials inspected the local hotel and shut it down after they came to know about the food poisoning cases.

Inspections Are Going Around The State

The food safety department is doing inspections in hundreds of restaurants in Kerala. As of now, they checked about 189 places and have cancelled two restaurants already. According to a report by India Today, the minister’s office stated that they have already sent notice to 37 restaurants because they found cleanliness and hygiene problems there.

Veena George, the Health Minister of Kerala stated that all the catering services in Kerala need to have a license. All the employees need to have a health card as well.

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Food poisoning cases are getting reported very often in the state and many incidents are coming to light. Just some time back, a 20-year-old lost her life because of food poisoning.

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