Are Cable Car Rides In The Mountains Safe In India?

by Shreya Ghosh
Are Cable Car Rides In The Mountains Safe In India?

Experiencing any adventurous activities is like a glass-half-full situation. While you might have the best experience of your life on any thrilling and adventurous rides, someone else might have bad experiences. Glitches and issues are something that should be taken care of at every moment and instance as people’s lives are dependent on them. Meanwhile, so many times people neglect these things and unwanted accidents take place. Travelling on a cable car is an unforgettable experience and people absolutely love to ride on it, but there are also some travellers who have fearful incidents while riding on a cable car.

Are Cable Car Rides Safe In India?

It is true that cable car rides are one of the biggest highlights while travelling to the hills and mountains. The scenic beauty of the mountains is enchanting and nothing can beat the beauty that we can witness from these rides. Riding at high altitudes, getting a majestic view of the mountain peaks, water bodies flowing by, and a blanket of lush greenery is a vision for the eyes. If the authorities and the management take good care of the trolleys and ides, then the chances of any risk of faults are extremely rare, almost none.

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The Management Needs To Be Very Careful!

With a good focus on the machines, technicalities, and everything that goes behind, the journey becomes smooth. Neither the management nor the travellers have any risk of falling under any unfortunate incidents. It is a major responsibility of the people in association with running these rides, to handle all the procedures swiftly.

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It is quite safe to travel in cable cars in India. But that does not imply that it is completely free of any risk or unforeseen situations. Just some days before, 11 people were stranded mid-air on a Himachal cable car. The outcome of the journey is not in the hands of the tourists. Instead, it is the responsibility of the management to guarantee a safe ride to the travellers. Considering most of the time, people always have a beautiful experience in this adventurous ride. Meanwhile, people stuck in between the ride is also something that we hear once in a while.