Artists Complained About Suffocation Inside Nazrul Mancha Even Before KK Incident, Writes Netizen

by Suchismita Pal
Artists Complained About Suffocation Inside Nazrul Mancha Even Before KK Incident, Writes Netizen

According to the initial findings of the post-mortem report, singer KK passed away due to cardiac arrest. After his death, several controversies have taken over the internet pointing towards the inappropriate arrangement by the organisers. A large number of fans who attended the concert said that the AC was not working. Many said that the crowd was thrice the usual capacity of Nazrul Mancha, where the concert was taking place. Rupsha Dasgupta, wife of popular Bengali singer Rupam Islam,  also took to Facebook and stated that earlier too, artists had reported about suffocation inside the auditorium.

Wife Of Popular Bengali Artist Points Out Loopholes In Nazrul Mancha Management

In her post, Rupsha wrote, “Recently we did 2 shows at Nazrul Mancha. Both had more than 6000 people inside the auditorium with atleast a 100 on stage. The AC doesn’t work. Everytime you go and complain they will say – Eto lok dhukle AC kaaj korbe ki kore… ( how will the AC work if there are so many people).

“In the last show during the drums solo Rupam had to walk out of stage to stand in front of a fan and his exact words were- Stage-e niswas neoa jachhe na ( it is impossible to breathe on the stage).”, added Rupsha. Rupam Islam is one of the members of the Fossils band. Rupsha wrote that along with Rupam, Prasenjit ‘Pom’ Chakrabutty and Allan Temjen Ao started having throat problems right after their last show as they had to perform in an inhuman atmosphere on stage.

“I even called up Sumitava Majumder and Deep Ghosh and told them Nazrul Mancha-r obostha erokom holey aar show kora jabe na ( If this situation at Nazrul Mancha continues, we can’t do any shows further here). I must say that the organisers of our last show #Tallentwalla Anirban Adhikary did try their best to stop the audience from atleast coming on stage with queue-markers/poles, but in spite of that people would not listen.”, Rupsha wrote further.

Read the full story by Rupsha by clicking on the post below:

Organisers Turned Off The AC As Door Could Not Be Closed, Says Fan

Commenting on a Curly Tales post, a fan wrote, “Last day was overcrowded.. organiser turned off the AC as door could not be closed .. He requested to turn on AC or turn off backlight … we are failed as a community and as a citizen.”

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Can Suffocation Cause Cardiac Arrest?

A Health24 report states like some common causes of cardiac arrest can be trauma, electric shock, drowning, drug overdose or suffocation. As per some sources, suffocation might lead to a situation called asphyxia, which might lead to cardiac arrest. A fan had stated that spraying fire extinguisher at the venue might have caused Histotoxic Hypoxia, which led to the suffocation.