At India Art Fair, Gunjan Gupta’s ‘Everyday Yesterday’ Peeks Into The Various Desi Craft Jugaad

It also delves into the complexities of Indian culture.

by Tejashee Kashyap
At India Art Fair, Gunjan Gupta’s ‘Everyday Yesterday’ Peeks Into The Various Desi Craft Jugaad

At its core, the India Art Fair celebrates India’s artistic heritage and its contemporary evolution. Every year, this art fair of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts transforms New Delhi into a hub of creativity. One of India’s foremost artists, Gunjan Gupta brings her distinctive artworks to the India Art Fair.

‘Everyday Yesterday’ By Gunjan Gupta At India Art Fair

Artist Gunjan Gupta demonstrates her artistic prowess with GG Collectibles. It’s a new limited collection titled ‘Everyday Yesterday,’ debuting at the India Art Fair in Okhla, New Delhi, from February 1 to 4. Gupta’s unique and playful series, ‘VEDIK by IKKIS,’ offers a conceptual eating experience in partnership with IAF X Eleved. Moreover, Gupta will participate as a panellist in India Art Fair’s ‘Talks’ event alongside Home Faber’s Andrea Tomasi, providing her scholarly experience and unique viewpoint to discussions on craft in India and its worldwide legacies.

Everyday Yesterday presents conceptual objects like the “MudaWala Throne,” which is a stack of Indian bamboo stools known as “Muda”. It translates to the seat made of bicycle parts wrapped in leather, inspired by the bicycle vendors of India that carry mobile shops on their backs.  “HER Totem Pole,” is GG’s signature. It presents tool tables that morph into a series of four pots inspired by the sacred feminine, stacked on each other. It’s typically like a totem pole that sometimes uses human forms. Thereby, telling a story of fertility and beauty associated with the primordial form.

Each art is a narrative masterwork that perfectly captures Gupta’s distinctive material and creative vocabulary. The collection deftly strikes a balance between skilful craftsmanship and creative jugaad. It also delves into the complexities of Indian culture.

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Gupta’s Distinctive Artwork

Through her design work, Gunjan Gupta offers a new perspective that modernises these seemingly insignificant artefacts and elevates them to the level of conscious enjoyment. Her method is fundamentally subversive; it questions accepted conventions and narratives. Her artworks focus on narratives that challenge conventional wisdom. Moreover, it breathes new life into underappreciated aspects of our cultural tapestry.

Gupta, a notable individual who holds a Master’s degree in Furniture Design from Central Saint Martins, London, founded Studio Wrap. Additionally, Gupta is the creative force behind IKKIS, a product design brand that transforms classical forms into contemporary design pieces for homes.

When: 01-04 February
Where: India Art Fair, Delhi

Cover image credits: Website/Gunjan Gupta

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