Australia Tops List As Most Preferred International New Year Travel Destination For Indians

by Natasha Monteiro
by Natasha Monteiro 2 views

New Year is just around the corner and you know what that means? It means the festive spirit and New Year resolutions are at an all-time high. The travel bug has hit us all hard and the thought of bringing in the New Year in an exotic location is as appealing as it can get. If you are reading this article at home or even worse in your office, then we are about to make your New Year planning a little easier. A popular travel site just listed down the top international and domestic destinations that Indians are travelling to over the New Year 2020. Read on!

Travel To Australia This New Year 2020

The land of sun, sea & beauty has all us Indians rushing. According to Balu Ramachandran, Senior Vice President of Cleartrip, Australia is a popular choice for Indians this New Year and there’s even been an 18% hike in overall bookings for New Year travels as compared to 2018.

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Australia does make for the perfect travel destination. If you do plan to book your trip, may we suggest Sydney Harbour for the party goers, Brisbane bridge for a scenic getaway, the Tasmania festival at Hobart or  Yarra river in Melbourne for a fantastic firework display?

But it’s not only Australia that tops the New Year list of international destinations. The other top spots go to Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and Hong Kong. If you are planning a trip to Dubai, the do read these 8 Hacks & Tips For Indians Visiting Dubai For The First Time.

Best Destinations In India For 2020

Well no points for guessing that Goa is obviously the top preferred location in India followed by Manali & Udaipur. Pack your bags because Goa is literally a bus ride away. Party it up with Goa’s crazy party vibes or enjoy a peaceful getaway at Manali.