Avneet Kaur Visits Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque & Here’s Why You Should Too!

by Ishita Agarwal
Avneet Kaur Visits Turkey’s Hagia Sophia Mosque & Here’s Why You Should Too!

For all the right reasons, Avneet Kaur is one of the country’s trendiest, most appreciated, and most popular young actors. In order to maximise her limited time, the diva enjoys taking special trips whenever she has the chance. Apparently, Istanbul, Turkey, is the new destination she’s picked for herself, based on her most recent social media post. Do you want to know about her Turkey vacation? Let’s check it out! 

Avneet Kaur Explores The Beautiful Hagia Sophia Mosque of Istanbul

Avneet, in her recent social media post, looks amazing in her white dress captioned as Maula mere Maula mere playing in the background at one of the beautiful gems of Istanbul. She poses like a princess at Hagia Sophia Mosque and explores the architecture of this marvellous mosque. 

Hagia Sophia Mosque now joins other neighbouring sites in Istanbul’s Sultanahmet neighbourhood that are on Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritage list. Hundreds of tourists come to view the artefacts and buildings from two of the most well-known civilisations in the nation. All religions and professions admire and appreciate its remarkable past because of the enormous dome, Islamic calligraphy, and vibrant mosaics. 



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A Turkish Treasure You Cannot Miss From Your Itinerary 

It is hardly surprising to see Hagia Sophia in the centre of the city, given its rich cultural and historical heritage. Hagia Sophia is a museum that was once a church and a mosque. As you visit Hagia Sophia, you may expect a strange sensation when you go through the doors. It is both an aesthetic marvel and an architectural puzzle. An excellent example of good architecture is the dome supported by a square building.  

One of the story videos of the marvellous architecture of Hagia Sophia posted by Avneet Kaur on her Instagram handle says that it was built in 537AD! She looks stunning while exploring the ancient gem of Istanbul. So, on your visit to Turkey, take a stroll while admiring how the building has withstood the test of time and maintained its charm. 

Avneet Kaur

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