Baba Da Dhaba Owner Opens Restaurant In Delhi’s Malviya Nagar After Going Viral

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 2067

The social media has been a boon in recent times. Many street vendors came to the limelight after their stories of struggle during the pandemic went viral. One such vendor who made headlines in the past months was the owner of Baba Da Dhaba. After a YouTuber captured his story, many rushed to his stall to buy his meals and help the old owner. The influx of funds was so much that now the old owner could open a new restaurant in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. The new restaurant of Kanta Prasad, the 80-year-old Dhaba owner, will also serve Chinese.

The Old Owner Has Hired A Chef & A Helper

Not only that, but the owner has also hired a chef and helper to cook Indian and Chinese food and serve them hot. The Indian meal will be severed for  50 per plate, the same price as his old Dhaba. However, the chef would decide the rate of the Chinese meal. His wife and son inaugurated the new restaurant in Malviya Nagar which is just a few hundred metres from their old roadside eatery. Shyam Rasoi In Delhi Serves Thalis At Just ₹1 To Over 1000 People A Day.

The Owner Invested ₹5 Lakh To Open The New Restaurant

The family have rented the space for the new restaurant for  35,000 per month and invested  ₹5 lakh in renovating and buying items for the new restaurant. The new restaurant also a kitchen and six tables to accommodate 20 customers at a time. The donations that poured in after the video went viral helped him start the new joint. The owner also served free meals to 50-60 people in the inauguration. 

YouTuber Gaurav Masan got the teary-eyed Prasad in the limelight. But soon after that, Prasad alleged Wasan of misappropriation of funds and filed a police complaint him . However, we spoke to Gaurav Wasan, and he dismissed all such charges of siphoning money.

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