Baker Misreads Instructions, Bakes An Emo Cake Instead Of An Elmo Cake

by Shreya Ghosh
Baker Misreads Instructions, Bakes An Emo Cake Instead Of An Elmo Cake

We love customising our cakes for special occasions. Be it for birthdays, anniversaries, achieving new landmarks, or any new beginnings, we love to celebrate the occasion by cutting a cake. And proper personalised and custom-made designs add a personal touch to the cake all the time. Well, this was not the experience of the customer who ordered an Elmo cake from a baker and instead found something completely different.

This Baker Made A Small Mistake With Her Order & Ended Up Baking A Totally Different Cake

A Twitter user I appreciate you. (@DeeLaSheeArt) shared a screenshot of the viral TikTok video where the Tiktoker shared a scary yet funny experience of baking a themed bake for a four-year-old.

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TikTok user Brianna Romero (@brinnicakes) shared a hilarious storytime where she talked about how she baked the wrong cake without even realising the mistake at first. She shared in the video that a customer asked her to bake an emo cake and she accepted the order as well. She noted down all the information about this cake and started preparing it. Everything was going smoothly until she asked the customer whether she wanted a number candle with the cake. The answer to it gave the baker a major shock!

The customer shared with Romero that the cake is for her granddaughter. After hearing that the emo cake is for a 4-year-old birthday girl, the baker felt a bit confused. She felt a bit weird and also asked the customer about the theme of the party. Sesame Street was the theme and the answer was nothing less than a nightmare for Romero.

She hurriedly read the customer’s text once again and noticed that she misread Elmo cake. She thought it was an order for an emo cake and baked and designed it accordingly. With no time on her hand, she visited a store and added an Elmo topper to the cake. Designed with black frosting and an Elmo topper, the cake surely looked quite hilarious. Romero accepted her mistake and also did not charge for it.

Netizens Have Fun Yet Positive Reactions To This Elmo Cake-Emo Cake Mishap!

The picture of this supposed-to-be Elmo cake is making the rounds on Twitter. Tweeple are having a fun time reading the tweets on this post. Here’s how they are reacting to this improvised cake.

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What do you have to say about this greatly improvised Elmo cake?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ I appreciate you. (@DeeLaSheeArt)