Bangalore Rains Increases Travel Time Across City By 62 Percent

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Rains Increases Travel Time Across City By 62 Percent

Bangalore is facing incessant rains that have clogged the roads of the city. The flood-like situation in Bangalore has left commuters in a frenzy. With Bangalore roads looking no less than lakes, and cars ferrying on such waterlogged roads like boats, it’s fodder for memes. And now, a survey has revealed that it takes 62 per cent longer time to reach your office in Bangalore courtesy of the heavy rains.

Bangalore Records Longest Travel Time For Office Commuters In India

Bangalore has officially recorded one of the longest travel times for office commuters in India. Overnight rains have led to waterlogging in the city. In fact, Bangalore Urban DC also declared a holiday for colleges and schools on August 30. SaaS-based office commute platform, MoveInSync conducted a study that revealed average travel time for office commuters in Bangalore have shot up by 30 per cent. Some areas even recorded 62 per cent longer travel time as compared to non-rainy days.

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Monday: Best Day To Travel To & From Work

Office goers returning from work in Bellandur reported that it takes them 62 per cent longer during rains to reach home. Office commute to Whitefield witnessed a 48 per cent spike in travel time. This is the longest it takes to travel to work in Whitefield during rains at 102 minutes. On non-rainy days it takes 69 minutes to reach the office in Whitefield. Interestingly, Mondays are the best day to travel to and from work, as there is the least traffic. However, Bangaloreans can avoid travelling to work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as it takes 20 minutes longer.