Bangalore Walo, The Conservatory Is Hosting All-Star Week This Month; Ready For A Gastronomic Feast?

Get ready to immerse in a splendid culinary spectacle!

by Shreya Ghosh
Bangalore Walo, The Conservatory Is Hosting All-Star Week This Month; Ready For A Gastronomic Feast?

Folks of Bangalore, are you up to experience a spectacular culinary mastery? If yes, The Conservatory awaits you at an all-star week starting soon. Get ready to savour decadent delicacies blowing your minds with unique recipes, delectable taste, and mouth-watering presentation. Renowned chefs and a few famous people in the industry will whip up toothsome delicacies and organise a gastronomic affair for food connoisseurs to enjoy a grand feast.

A Journey Of Discovering Unique Taste Awaits At The Conservatory

Chef Ria Belliappa (@riabelliappa) took to the X platform to share important information about the events.

Foodies, get excited to indulge in a glorious celebration of specially-curated menus and fusion recipes with a sprinkle of creative additions. Starting on June 14, the collaboration of chefs and their ideas will represent a progressive approach to flavoursome dishes of various cuisines.

The culinary adventure will commence on June 14 with Chefs Rhea Aaron and Tushar Sood presenting “Xacuti and Chill”. The specially curated dinner tasting menu will portray Goan taste and culture with the preparations. Packed with flavours, the dishes may transport you to an imaginary world of Goa, serene beaches, and coastal beauty.

Next is “It’s Just Brunch” hosted by Chefs Gautam Krishnakutty and Aarohi Sanghavi at The Conservatory. Starting right at noon, the brunch menu will present a delightful blend of East with West. 5 courses will offer delicious sweet and savoury options.

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What are your dinner plans for June 15? No plans for Saturday? Well, we have a fantastic suggestion for you. Chefs Kavan Kuttappa and Kidambi Adithya will serve a culinary masterpiece “Kanpai” at The Conservatory on Saturday from 7:30 PM. The tasting menu will combine a fusion of Kerala’s delish flavours and Japanese dining experiences.

Make Sunday Plans Already!

The Conservatory holds a special place in every guest’s heart for its enchanting aesthetics and scenic botanical decor. Inspired by the arrangements, Chefs Karan Upmanhyu and Ria Belliappa will present a special menu prepared with fruits and vegetables as the key ingredients. These will be used creatively to cook appetising dinner delicacies. Spoiler alert: the food spread will have desserts made using veggies.

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Are you ready to enjoy these vibrant culinary experiences? If yes, reserve your spots HERE soon.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Ria Belliappa (@riabelliappa) 

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