Baraatis Fight Over Rasgullas At A Wedding In Agra Leaving Bystanders Shocked & 6 Injured!

At a wedding in Agra, the guests had a fight over rasgullas and left other people stunned! In fact, some were even injured in this fight.

by Shreya Rathod
Baraatis Fight Over Rasgullas At A Wedding In Agra Leaving Bystanders Shocked & 6 Injured!

Amid wedding chaos, where arguments can break out over the smallest of things, a recent incident in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, took an unexpected turn that astonished and amused onlookers. This fight was not about last-minute modifications or dowry discussions, as is sometimes the case at weddings; rather, it was about something seemingly innocent: the cherished, cuddly-looking rasgullas!

Baraatis Fight Over Rasgulla At A Wedding In Agra

wedding food fight
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It all started when one of the guests made a casual comment about there not being enough rasgullas at the Agra wedding. A playful remark soon turned into a full-fledged fight as everyone rushed to the dessert table, setting off a chaotic chain reaction. The fight that followed was not to be taken lightly; six people were hurt as a result of being caught in the middle of flying dishes, glasses, and even blows. promptly informed the police that the commotion was subdued after midnight on Sunday, November 19, by law enforcement, averting further escalation.

Luckily, the fighters’ wounds were quite slight, and medical experts have certified that all impacted parties are currently in stable condition. The police swiftly filed charges against the six participants in the skirmish, citing a disagreement over the inadequate amount of rasgullas as the reason for the altercation.

Although the brawl sparked by the rasgulla got out of control, no serious injuries were reported, and all parties involved are now thought to be safe. The wedding, which was held in Brijbhan Kushwaha’s home, took an unexpected turn when a remark about the scarcity of rasgullas sparked a fight, according to Shamsabad Police SHO Anil Sharma.

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Pawan, Dharmendra, Yogesh, Kailash, Bhagvan Devi, Manoj, and Kailash were the six people at the core of the conflict. The police underlined that the situation is now under control and that there is no longer any threat to individuals engaged, notwithstanding the severity of the brawl.

Other Food Fights To Know About

This incident is part of a larger trend of wedding fights making news. Earlier, a group of people beat a 28-year-old catering contractor with a frying ladle at a wedding ceremony over who should pack and take the sweet dessert gulab jamuns, causing significant injuries. The incident happened on April 23, following the conclusion of the wedding at a banquet facility in Pune.

Dipanshu Gupta, the hotel and catering service manager, reported the offenders to the police. He told the police that the event happened at the Rajyog Mangal Karyalay in Pune’s Shewalewadi neighbourhood at around six o’clock in the evening.

The cops claim that food was served following the 1:30 pm marriage ceremony. At approximately six o’clock in the evening, a few of Gupta’s relatives who attended the wedding asked if they might have the leftover food. After Gupta expressed his lack of opposition, they began packaging the food.

In Uttar Pradesh, an auspicious wedding descended into a humiliating altercation when the groom’s fufaji, or paternal aunt’s husband, was denied paneer. You did really hear correctly! A fight broke out over some paneer alone.

Social media users shared the incident’s video. In it, it shows wedding guests striking each other viciously. A woman could also be seen in the video attempting to dissuade a male from joining the gang.

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Sadly, the woman’s efforts were unsuccessful. Some others also made an effort to defuse the situation.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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