Belgian Town Installs Penis-Shaped Christmas Decorations & Shocks Everyone

Oudenburg penis shaped lights
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 919

In a time where the world could definitely use some humour, a town in Belgium has accidentally taken things up a notch. The streets of Oudenburg are adorned with Christmas decorations of tall column structures, which resemble male genitals. This has caused quite a lot of controversy for local administration and peals of laughter across the world. The local administration installed white illuminated shafts with bulging blue spheres on top to resemble a Christmas candle. But funnily enough, the decoration is actually being compared to an erect penis. Read on to know more. It’s a long story after all.

Oudenburg In Belgium Is Decorated With Penis-Shaped Christmas Lights

The town of Oudenburg in Belgium is getting a lot of attention for all the ‘long’ reasons. The local administration of Oudenburg decorated the entire town with penis-shaped Christmas lights, that was supposed to resemble a candle. The thick white-light shafts with bulging blue spheres are turning quite a few heads on social media. Accoridng to Belgian Newspaper, HLN there are around 90 such illuminated penis-shaped decorations all across the streets of Oudenburg.

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Mayor Anthony Dumarey stated to VTW NWS, “We have indeed already received a lot of reactions to our luminous ornaments. “We had a limited budget, so our technical department designed the lighting ourselves. It was certainly not intended to turn out like this. When the lights are not on, the evocative shape is not visible. But once lit, you can see it, clearly”. The mayor, however, stated that they won’t remove those lights since they have already become the talk of the town, no, the world. To prove his point, Mayor Anthony Dumarey himself posed near the controversial lights.

Oudenburg penis shaped lights

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Anthony Dumarey

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Mayor Won’t Remove The Lights As It’s Already Become Famous Worldwide

Mayor Anthony Dumarey  added “It is not that big of a problem. We could use some humour in these times”, boy, is he right. The phallic-shaped lights cost around €165 ( 14,510) each to make. And since it’s already garnering a lot of attention, the Mayor encourages locals to let it be. Meanwhile, did you know that Haesindang Park in South Korea is dedicated to big dicks?

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