Belgium Eases Lockdown With FREE Train Tickets For Residents

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Belgium Eases Lockdown With FREE Train Tickets For Residents

The tourism sector worldwide has been turned upside down by the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. But, as the pandemic takes a downward trend, countries across the world are finally attempting to repair their tourism-dependent economies. Apart from measures taken to lure international travellers, countries are also doing their bit to boost domestic travel. Find out how!

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Free Train Trips To Boost Domestic Travel

Belgium is now offering free train trips to boost domestic travel. The country is slowly crawling back to normalcy after three months of being shut. In an effort to boost domestic tourism the government is now offering free 10-trip rail passes to all residents in the country.

The initiative is a bid to help the economy as well as build domestic tourism. After staying indoors for all these months, people are certain to look for safe ways to travel during summer. The rail pass is valid from July to December and residents can use it to travel anywhere in Belgium. The 10-journey rail passes, will normally cost €83 for passengers aged over 26.  Besides, Belgians will also be able to take their bikes on the train for free.

Apart from this, the government also plans to support people as they resume a normal mode of life. As part of this, employers are allowed to provide a tax-deductible €300 (about $337 USD) voucher to their employees. The voucher can be used in restaurants, bars, cultural attractions, and other businesses.

What’s The Current Status In Belgium?

On 8 June Belgium entered the third phase of its lockdown-easing measures after 60,155 confirmed cases and 9,663 deaths. Businesses, restaurants, bars, hotels, with mandatory social distancing measures. In addition, the country also lifted travel restrictions on tourists from within the European Union, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein on June 15.

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What Else?

Besides reopening cautiously, massive holiday discounts are also part of the reopening strategy for many countries. Most countries dropped holiday rates by almost 50%, to lure tourists. Travel companies are selling bargain deals to destinations including Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, UK and many other countries. Meanwhile, did you know Bali Might Welcome Tourists By October.

Holiday Prices To Spain

Spain has reopened its borders with a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine regulation which is also expected to be lifted from July. Holiday prices have also gone down drastically. Prices for a holiday in Tenerife has gone down by 19%, Lanzarote by 17 %, Majorca by 13 % and Fuerteventura by 10%.

Besides, Spain also introduced smart ways for its citizens to enjoy its beaches once again. Canet d’en Berenguer, a Mediterranean town in Spain, is planning to allow only 5,000 daily sunbathers on its local beach when it reopens, while the Sanxenxo in Galicia will allocate entry to its beaches on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis only. All so that tourists can enjoy its gorgeous beaches while being socially distant. In addition, the country also deployed robots in its fight against Covid. 

And now, Spain plans to reopen to international tourists from 1 July onwards. Besides, the Spanish football league will re-start its business on 8th July, but without any audience. It might open doors for spectators later, depending on the conditions. However, many major Spanish festivals like the Bull Running Festival and La Tomatina, which were scheduled to take place in July and August respectively, have been cancelled this year.

Spain Reopen

Holiday Prices To Portugal

Holidays to Portugal have seen a major reduction after the countries opened borders. Recently, Portugal opened doors to travelers from selecting countries. Tourists from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and other countries with the Portuguese language will only be permitted entry. In addition, those from Schengen countries, excluding Italy and Spain, will also be permitted to enter.

Algarve, Portugal. Source:

Travel restrictions in Portugal are expected to ease out as the number of cases drop. However, other safety measures will continue to remain in place. Maintaining two meters distance, wearing mask at all times and additional sanitation is advised. Besides, a host of places are also open now. These include:

-Public transit
-Cultural sites
-Boating or nautical activities
-Outdoor sports
-Golf courses
-Terraces and promenades

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