Bengaluru Residents Turn COVID Warriors By Delivering Home-Made Food To Infected Patients

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 715

With the virus affecting so many homes and families across the country, a home-cooked nutritious meal becomes difficult even though it is crucial for recovery. With no access to the outside world, quarantined people are left with no choice but to struggle and prepare their own meals. But a lot of home chefs are turning into COVID warriors by cooking and delivering food to the doorstep of infected patients. As an alarming number of people get gripped by the virus in the deadly, second wave, the Bengaluru residents are leaving no stone unturned to help those who are affected.

Home Chefs In Bengaluru Turn COVID Warriors

Many good samaritans have been catering home-cooked foods for COVID infected patients in quarantine. Mrs Neetu Pankaj from Bengaluru prepares meals for around 18 to 20 households including her own. This humble woman has also been helping people by coordinating hospitals, beds, cylinders, and medications. Like Neetu, many home chefs are stepping forward to help those in need.

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Many Work In Groups To Provide Healthy Food To Quarantined People

Another group Mission Chai is also delivering foods to infected patients in quarantine. The members of this group work out in their own kitchens and deliver food to the respective patients in their area. Another Nayyar’s kitchen cook roti, dal, and sabzi and pack them in disposable packets for COVID-19 patients. While few patients manage to pick up the packets by Dunzo, others use online facilities. When the patients cant, Nayyar’s kitchen arranges the delivery themselves.

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Many people in Bengaluru are working individually or in groups to provide food to those affected. In times like this when it is not safe to step out of homes, these good Samaritans have been working relentlessly to put a smile on the faces of strangers.

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