10 Best Food Memories Every 90s Kids Will Remember

by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal11432

Cassettes, landline phones, pen fights, pokemon cards, Noddy- all these will definitely transport the 90s kids back to their childhood days. Likewise, the taste of a particular food or the smell of an old perfume can also make us nostalgic about the beautiful times spent in the past. Looking back, we only realize that we have progressed much beyond the old times, but it is impossible to forget the precious food memories of the 90s. Here are 10 such foods which were loved by almost every kid of the 90s era.

1. Gems

Sweet were those times when we used to buy those Cadbury Gems packets to pick up the chocolate button of our favourite colour. Most of us as children even thought that the buttons with the colours of our choice tasted the best. We also used to have those fatafat ki goli, which shopkeepers often referred to as jeera goli.

food memories 90s

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2. Parle G-The National Biscuit Of India

You can simply ask any of the 90s kid about their favourite biscuit and the answer is going to be Parle-G. It is that one biscuit whose taste and quality have remained the same till date and it is super affordable too. Other than Parle-G, other biscuits which we adored in our childhood days are Jim Jam, Bourbon and Little Hearts

food memories 90s

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3. Chuskis And Popsicles

Right after stepping out of our school gates, many of us used to rush to the van outside selling chuskis of different flavours and colours. Be it kala khatta, mango, rose, chikko or black current- enjoying those tangy frosted chuskis with friends was a different kind of fun altogether. Also, remember those cylindrical Pepsi packets costing a rupee or two?

food memories 90s

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4. Chocolates And Candies

Eclairs, Melody, Alpenliebe, coin chocolates, Polo, Hajmola, Mango Bite- these were the must-buys whenever we went to the market with our parents. And then there were those candies that were priced at 25 paise per piece. We could buy four candies for ₹1 and feel rich. Neither will we get those chocolates now nor will those carefree days come back.

food memories 90s

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5. Frooti

Now we have so many options for processed juices. From Tropicana, Real and Nimbooz to Paper Boat, Appy Fizz and Raw Pressery, the list is long. But during our childhood, whenever we thought of ready mango juices straight out of the packets, it was one and only Frooti. No wonder the tempting juice has retained its popularity even till today.

food memories 90s

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6. Boomer, Big Babol And Fusen Gums

Buying chewing gums and getting a tattoo for free, that was something every 90s kid was excited about. Blowing the chewing gum and popping it like a bubble was a style statement during our childhood times. The fun fact is, now many people have chewing gums for facial yoga to flaunt their jawlines better.

food memories 90s

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7. Piknik, Peppy And Cheeseballs

Honestly, there were Uncle Chips and Pringles about which we fantasized most of the times but ended up getting Piknik, Peppy or Cheeseballs. But today, even if we want to eat them, they are hardly available anywhere. Those crispy, buttery cheese shots and disks have given immense happiness to our souls and taste buds.

food memories 90s

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8. Sugar Jellies

Those nameless sugar jellies sealed inside containers at the grocery stores caught the eye of every child during the 90s. The soft, sugar-coated jellies would simply melt inside our mouths. Are you drooling already thinking about the sweet, syrupy candies?

food memories 90s

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9. Lollipops

The delight of holding the candy inside our mouth with the help of the stick and slowly immersing into its flavour was unmatched indeed. The Alpenliebe lollipop was the favourite of many kids. We also dearly loved the fruit-flavoured coloured lollies that used to come in transparent packets.

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10. Sweet Cigarettes

Smoking is injurious to health, but sweet cigarettes are okay, as they are candies in actual. We often loved chewing these cigarettes as kids, behaving like adults. They are even available today online. These cigarettes shaped candies are made with sugar, glucose and gelatin.

food memories 90s

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Only if we had a time machine, we could have gone back to the old days to enjoy the feeling of having some of these magical foods all over again. One song line can be dedicated to these delicacies- “And the memories bring back, memories bring back you!” On that note, did you know that you can re-live your priceless school days at this restaurant in Vadodara?

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