BF Manaos His GF With A Sub In The Cutest Way Possible. Subway To Sponsor Their Date!

by Shreya Rathod
BF Manaos His GF With A Sub In The Cutest Way Possible. Subway To Sponsor Their Date!

What do you do when the special someone in your life is angry with you? Is it a bouquet or favourite chocolate or an expensive gift? Well, when this man fought with his girlfriend, it was a Subway sandwich that did the trick! This cute gesture caught Subway’s eye, and here’s what they decided to do.

Subway Decided To Sponsor A Date For The Cuties!

Subway caught the sweet gesture of a man reconciling with his girlfriend with a Subway sandwich. They retweeted it and pledged that after 1000 likes, they will sponsor a date for the cute couple. Netizens accepted this challenge and flocked to increase the count. Given that the tweet has already received more than 6.6K likes, Twitter is eagerly awaiting news of whether they will in fact fund a date for the couple.

Even the woman, whose boyfriend gave her the sub, replied that maybe Subway is going to sponsor their date. In fact, a Twitter user wrote that people are getting boyfriends and dates sponsored by Subway! Another user just asked for a date that they will sponsor.

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Other than that, there was a string of hilarious comments by several users.

After A Fight, Boyfriend Reconciles With His Girlfriend With A Sub

The story started when Twitter went viral with a tweet of the sweetest gesture that will make everyone smile. A man fought with his girlfriend and had a brilliant idea. He reconciled with her with a Subway sandwich that brought a smile to her face. There was a pic of the sandwich with a note that said a sub for her because she is only his ‘sub’ kuch.

The tweet was posted by the girlfriend and it read that she had a fight with her boyfriend and this is what he did. After posting this tweet, the woman asked Subway to sponsor their date. It seems like Subway is sponsoring their date as the retweet crossed 1000 likes.

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This was one of the sweetest gestures and we hope they enjoy a perfect date! Comment below and share what you did to reconcile with your partner after a fight.

Cover Image Courtesy: Kayokay/ Twitter