Bihar National Highway Filled With Potholes That Resemble Takeshi’s Castle

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bihar National Highway Filled With Potholes That Resemble Takeshi’s Castle

Potholes on Indian roads are no surprise. But have you ever witnessed craters? Well, ask the folks or travellers in Bihar that need to navigate massive craters on the Bihar National Highway to reach their destination, if they can make it out alive. The pathetic road condition of National Highway 227 has left the internet shocked. Read on to know more.

Aerial Video Shows Massive Crater-Like Potholes On Bihar Highway

Dainik Bhaskar shared a clip shot by Praveen Thakur that created awareness about the sorry state of Bihar’s  National Highway 227. This highway passes through Madhubani. In the aerial shot, you can giant craters covering the entire highway as far as the eyes can see. The potholes are massive in size and the entire stretch looks like it’s straight out of any disaster shows like Takeshi’s Castle.

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No Action Taken Yet To Repair Road

According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar, MLA Arun Shankar Prasad has brought up the issue of this highway multiple times. But there hasn’t been any action taken to repair this road. Infact, many VIP vehicles regularly pass through this Bihar highway, yet officials haven’t directed any repair. The road resembles a stretch on Mars, it’s not only a matter of memes but more importantly, puts the lives of passengers and drivers on the road at risk.