This Community In Bihar Is So Poor That They Eat Rats For Survival

by Shreya Ghosh
This Community In Bihar Is So Poor That They Eat Rats For Survival

An unbelievable truth about the state of Bihar is that a community from here feeds on rats for survival. It is indeed shocking news but it is actually true and the community is living their lives like this. The name of this community in Bihar is ‘Musahar Community’ and it is their harsh reality. They are bound to eat rats as they have nothing to survive in the world. There is no permanent or regular work, hence no source of money.

People Of Musahar Community Eat Rats At Alampur Gonpura Village

Musahar community is the lowest and the poorest of the Dalit sub-groups. They belong to the Sahdai block of Vaishali district in Bihar. A huge group of people lives here and they hardly get help with resources or anything from the government. They spend most of their day without earning a single penny. They sometimes get to work for a very little amount of money and it is no way possible to run a family and sustain with that amount. As a result, they eat rats or maybe a very little amount of grains sometimes for survival.

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eat rats

The Situation Of This Community Is Same Since Years & Decades

Unfortunately, people of the Musahar community are not allowed to enter temples by the upper caste people. In fact, in the 21st century, they cannot drink water from public places such as well. they often have to face harsh treatment from the upper caste people. Time may have changed, political parties may have changed, but still, these people stay in such conditions for years. It is continuing since their ancestors.

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When the crop fails or they run out of money, they eat rats to end their hunger. They catch rats and then roast them to eat. In fact, they love to eat rats and almost everyone knows how to cook them. Diseases are very common due to such unhygienic eating patterns.