Bihu Is Coming! MLA Shares Beautiful Pics Of Trees In Colours Of Spring

by Shreya Rathod
Bihu Is Coming! MLA Shares Beautiful Pics Of Trees In Colours Of Spring

 North East India which comprises the ‘Seven Sisters’ is an unexplored world. With little information on the Northeastern culture, we are unaware of a majority of its festivals and other stuff. But thanks to social media and the Internet, any information is readily available at a touch. Speaking of festivals, just like Baisakhi, Gudi Padwa, etc, Assam has a New Year festival of its own — Bohag Bihu! Here’s everything you need to know about this Assamese New Year. 

Bohag Bihu: The Assamese New Year

The MLA of Khumtai (Assam) Mrinal Saikia has tweeted beautiful pictures of trees and captioned them as ‘Colours Of Spring’. The leaves have violet, green and a tint of orange on them. It marks the beginning of a New Year and the Assamese celebrate it as Bohag Bihu or Rangoli Bihu. 

Many of us are familiar with the concept of spring marking the start of a New Year in India. Therefore just like other spring festivals celebrated across the country, Bohag Bihu is the one celebrated in Assam. The festival is celebrated during the second week of April by the ethnic groups of Assam. Other than celebrating the arrival of spring, this festival brought different ethnic groups together and promoted harmony between them. 

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Elements of The Festival

Bihu is divided into three types and each one recognises the importance of the agricultural cycle of every crop. There are seven pinnacle phases of the Bohag Bihu — Raati, Sot, Goru, Manuh, Kutum, Mela and Sera

During the festival, you can spot flowers of Nahor and Togor blooming everywhere. Bihu Nasonis are dressed in muga mekhela sador and hair decorated with kopou phool, and they head out for Husori. In addition to this, you can hear dhol, gogona and pepa being played. 

As for the festival feast, you will witness traditional treats and seasonal food items filling the local markets. The morning breakfast includes sticky rice or flattened rice with curd and jaggery, pitha and laru. As for the main meal, it comprises khar, vegetable, xaak and fish preparations, mutton, local chicken, duck, pork, and pigeon.

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So, if you have ever celebrated Bihu in Assam, please comment below and share your experience. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Mrinal Saikia/ Twitter