Biryani Prices May Rise In Hyderabad Due To Halt In Spices & Dry Fruits Imports From Afghanistan

by Sanjana Shenoy
Biryani Prices May Rise In Hyderabad Due To Halt In Spices & Dry Fruits Imports From Afghanistan

Biryani fans! Here’s some bad news for you. Biryani prices may soon rise in Hyderabad due to the ongoing Afghan crisis. With the Taliban taking over Afghanistan and putting a halt to spice and dry fruits imports for India, this is a matter of concern for biryani lovers. Hoteliers and traders in Hyderabad have been mulling over hiking prices of biryani among other food items that involve specific spices and dry fruits. Read on to know more.

Afghan Crisis May Lead To Rise In Biryani Prices In Hyderabad

According to Telangana Today, a major variety of dry fruits like pistachios, almonds, figs, cashews, raisins, and an array of spices, used for prepared Hyderbad Biryani are imported from Afghanistan. Traders revealed that the prices of almonds and cashews have increased by around ₹200. Syed Irfan of Shah Ghouse Hotel stated to Telangana Today that a big hotel uses 50 kg each of almonds, cashews and pistachios to prepare various dishes. The business is already down to the coronavirus induced lockdowns.  And the prices of ingredients have now increased due to the Afghan conflict. So, they are mulling over the increasing prices of dishes like biryani.

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Hyderabad Hoteliers Mull Over Increasing Prices Of Dishes

MA Majid of Pista House said to Telangana Today that if prices of dry fruits increase further, they might have to rethink increasing their prices as well. Meanwhile, traders in Jammu revealed to India Today that the increase in dry fruit prices led to significant losses. They also reportedly informed a decline in dry fruit sales the previous week. With the lockdown and the increase in prices for dry fruits, your favourite dishes, might get costlier. Until you can visit Hyderabad, take a virtual tour to the city of Nizams.