Biryani Trends On Twitter After BTS Fan Asks Jimin To Try The Indian Dish

by Sushmita Mahanta
Biryani Trends On Twitter After BTS Fan Asks Jimin To Try The Indian Dish

It’s no secret that BTS ARMY can make anything trend! The band is so popular that anything they do becomes a trend in no time. And recently an Indian dish that BTS member Jimin recently talked about, has become the talk of ARMY Twitter. On September 4, 2022, Park Jimin was casually taking food recommendations from army on the Weverse app. And it was when an army mentioned that the singer could try Biryani, that Jimin went ahead to recognize it as an Indian dish. And that was what it took the Desi army to trend Biryani on Twitter!

Biryani Trended On Top In India Trends After Jimin From BTS Interacts With A Biryani Comment On His Post

On Sunday, Park Jimin from BTS started an interactive session on Weverse with ARMY by sharing a post that said the singer was thinking about what to eat. In no time the comment section was filled with comments from the fans and there were million food suggestions waiting for Jimin to pick from. An Indian fan suggested Jimin tries some lip-smacking Biryani to which Jimin replied, “It’s Indian Food.” Following the reply, Indian fans started expressing their happiness at the singer knowing and recognizing the name of the dish and that it’s Indian. Well, Twitter ARMY rightly says, “Desi army leaves on bread crumbs!” Numerous Desi fans took to Twitter to share the incident and in no time Biryani started trending on top in India trends.

Indian Fans React

The aromatic, delicious, and spicy one-pot rice dish is one of India’s most loved food items. No doubt the Indian BTS fans were overwhelmed when Jimin rightly guessed the dish as Indian. A lot of Twitter users started expressing their delight after Jimin’s Weverse reply to the Indian fan. One user wrote, “Biryani is literally trending in India after Jimin’s comment,” while another added, “In Pakistan too.” But one comment that made us giggle was when a BTS fan tweeted, “JIMIN LOVES INDIA, HE LOVES CLASSICAL DANCE, HE WATCHED 3 IDIOTS AND NOW HE MENTIONED BIRYANI OMG JUST COME TO YOUR WIFE’S HOME BABY!” Now if Park Jimin really does come to India, only time will tell!

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