BMC Plans To Soon Set Up Aviary At Nahur In Mulund; Will Be An Extension To Byculla Zoo Aviary

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
BMC Plans To Soon Set Up Aviary At Nahur In Mulund; Will Be An Extension To Byculla Zoo Aviary

The BMC plans to establish an aviary at Nahur village in Mulund West. It will span 6381 square meters. The aviary’s plan for collecting birds has been authorized. This aviary, which is an expansion of the zoo in Byculla, will draw more visitors from the eastern suburbs. After numerous delays, the plan might finally see daylight. Here’s what you can expect from this upcoming aviary. 

BMC Plans To Soon Set Up Aviary At Nahur

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For the purpose of setting up the project, BMC has asked project management consultants (PMC) for tenders. The aviary is meant to serve as a draw for locals and visitors to the eastern suburbs. The PMC will supply every element, including the concept, the management and operating plans, and the plan for showcasing the birds. 

The aviary will be built on a roughly 6-7-acre property in Nahur that is now set aside for a park and garden. In accordance with BMC’s requirements, the consultant is supposed to create a detailed project report (DPR) for the aviary with public facilities. 

In addition to getting approval from the Central Zoo Authority (CZA), the PMC is expected to choose bird species from the collection plan given by BMC and create a master layout plan for the aviary that includes public amenities. The planning of this aviary is being done with children, education, and tourism in mind.  (as per The Times Of India)

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Awareness Is Important

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More awareness about native birds has to be raised rather than non-native ones, according to Pawan Sharma, founder and president of the Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) and honorary wildlife warden with the state forest department. Purchasing birds from foreign nations could be risky. Thus, it is not appropriate to carry out imports. 

To raise awareness of these species, all of us must concentrate on Indian birds. The forest department rescues birds; once saved, they cannot be put back into the wild. In this aviary, there will be plenty of room to maintain these birds.

It’s wonderful that a top-notch educational tourism destination will soon be available in the eastern suburbs. This area ought to be utilized for educating people about birds and raising awareness of conservation issues. 

Children should be the main focus of education on diverse bird species, the importance of protecting wetlands and bird places, and Mumbai’s status as a bird hotspot. said wildlife enthusiast Kunal Chaudhari. There are 222 birds at the Byculla zoo aviary, representing 16 different species.

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After Many Delays

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2013 saw the introduction of the initial proposal, which had a budget of Rs. 150 crore. To accommodate a sizable population of birds and reptiles, the BMC set aside a 25-acre site in Powai. 

The project was abandoned in spite of the hiring of a project consultant to draft the master plan. With 222 birds representing 16 different species, the Byculla zoo opened a walk-through aviary in 2021 that spans 18,234 square feet and is 44 feet tall. 

BMC unveiled the aviary to the public, proclaiming it to be the largest in the nation and demonstrating the city’s dedication to providing distinctive and inventive zoological encounters.

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