Bombay Bhelpuri In Delhi’s South-ex Will Make You Forget All About Juhu In Just ₹70!

bombay bhelpuri
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1108

Haven’t we said over and over that Delhi is better than Bombay? If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got the final nail. Bombay Bhelpuri in South Extension 1 leaves nothing up for contest. We said we have it all and we never lie. Bhelpuri is chaat after all, and chaat is the most Dilli thing. The capital of street food loves bhelpuri. So, we’ve singled out one that cannot disappoint. See 10 Reasons Why Delhi’s India Gate Is 1000x Better Than Bombay’s Gateway Of India!

What is it

Crispy murmure with vegetables and tangy spices gives shoppers a much-needed break. The unique selling point of this place is the special red chutney they have. Bombay Bhelpuri is not for the weak hearted or tongued. It’s famous for being extremely spicy. So, if that’s too much for you, just ask for your plate to be made less spicy. For the firangs, it’s basically rice crispies and masala topped with Bombay’s sev and some coriander. This savoury snack costs ₹70 for a full plate of deliciousness. We love the fact that you can eat the best things in Delhi for affordable prices. They even serve a half plate for times you’re just craving a taste. The people here consider this place sacred. Without them, South-ex wouldn’t be itself. Bombay does make a strong case for food, but Delhi beats them with our Dilwala touch to everything we eat. You are what you eat, they say.

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What’s more

In the back alley of Delhi’s famous South-ex Market, there’s a voice endearingly welcoming shoppers with familiarity, “Bhelpuri! Sevpuri!” Bombay Bhelpuri is an iconic stop in Delhi’s unstoppable market. Locals have grown up eating here. Their Kolkata Jhal Muri is a favourite among this city’s army of Bengalis and Bengali food lovers. Their Veg Grill Sandwich is a quick cure to hunger pangs for ₹120. The Special Lassi for ₹30 and Soda Shikanjee for ₹25 is great for summer thirst. Pineapple milk, Litchi Sarbat and all-time favourite chai are some year-round treasures. We have another Delhi food question for you. Ever Had Matar Kulcha Pocket? Stall Opposite Gargi College Serves South Delhi’s Best!

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bombay bhelpuri

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Next time you’re thinking of what you can eat for a low calorie count, come back to Curly Tales. Bombay Bhelpuri is a great way to quiet your daily food needs without a whole in your pocket or on your health plan. Besides, all the walking on a trip to South-ex will digest the masala in no time. Forget Juhu and Chowpatty, head to south Delhi for some amazing Bombay Bhelpuri!

Where: G-7, Near Midland Book Shop, South Extension 1

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