Booking Open To Travel To Space And Here’s How The Future Hotels Will Look Like

Hotel in Space
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 1284

Do you ever dream of vacationing in space? If yes, then you can now actually book a hotel in space! To celebrate the National Aerospace Week, has declared to become the first online travel site to offer future hotel bookings in space. Excited, pretty much? You can visit the new booking page to imagine what futuristic space travel will be like.

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In future, thrill-seekers will be able to book their space trips on the website- however, for now, they have to wait for that time to arrive. And looking at the latest developments in space, we are sure that the time will come soon. SpaceX and NASA recently sent astronauts into space for their “Launch America” mission and Virgin Galacticrevealed its spaceship design.

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On the same, Josh Belkin, vice president of global brand at said in a statement,

“This announcement is our hope to encourage and move forward the concept of space tourism while revving up excitement for that aspect of the travel industry that is sure to come sometime in the near future.”

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The Company Is Also Offering $250 Gift Card To Use For A Future Stay 

Well, we all know that space tourism will still take time, but till then you can check out how has crafted depictions of what space hotels could look like. Complete with space suit robes and moon-boot slippers, a meteor minibar stocked with Martian martinis, cosmic cosmos, and astronomical snacks; holographic wake-up calls; robot bellhops; and more will be added to the rooms in space. 

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If this has made you super excited and you can’t wait to live in space, then has something for you. The company is providing 20 lucky travellers with a $250 gift card to use for a future stay (only on Earth, for now), but here’s a catch. If you have one of the eight planets as your legal first, middle, or last name, you can enter to win via the website.

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