Breakfast With Penguins, Anyone? It Is Back & Here’s How You Can Do So!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Breakfast With Penguins, Anyone? It Is Back & Here’s How You Can Do So!

You all must have heard about this popular place where you can have breakfast with Penguins in Dubai. Well owing to popular demand, it is back. Yes, now you can again have breakfast with Penguins at Ski Dubai Mall of Emirates. You can go for a walk with penguins and then enjoy breakfast with the cuties.

Breakfast With Penguins In Dubai

Penguins are for sure the cutest flightless birds and imagine walking and having food with them! Ski Dubai offers breakfast with a Penguin package at AED 175 per person only. In this package you get a locker and winter gear (jackets, socks, boots and gloves), to walk with these adorable Penguins for about 20-30 minutes and breakfast at North 28. For breakfast at North 28, you can choose any one breakfast item from their menu and also any one drinks like coffee, juice, etc. There are also certain rules that you must follow. Children below 2 years of age are not allowed in Ski Dubai and the ones below 14 must be under adult supervision.

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Booking Information And Schedule

The maximum capacity of people per table is 4 and the prices are inclusive of 5% VAT. All the guests have to arrive by 8:30 am for the walk so that they can enjoy their time. This one-of-a-kind experience is available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. To protect the penguins, Ski Dubai retains the right to cancel a session. All session reservations will be completely reimbursed.
The schedule of Breakfast with penguins:
8.30 to 8.50 am: Change to winter gear and listen to the little instructions given.
9.00 to 9.30 am: Set out on a walk with adorable penguins
9.30 am onwards: Relish breakfast at North 28 restaurant


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So, get ready to spend some time with these cute penguins.

Cost: AED 175 per person

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Library