Bush Flying, Air Safari, Hot Air Balloon Ride & More, This Company Offers India’s First Extreme Aerosports

by Shreya Rathod 193

Looking at those magnificent mountains, we often wonder what they would look like from above. Or how would it feel to circle those rocky peaks? Nature is enigmatic in many ways, and the most beautiful and untainted location is the one that can’t be accessed by road. Here is a company that guarantees to take you on a thrilling air journey. Intrigued yet? Here is all you need to know about Air Safari and its aerospace adventures.

Air Safari For Thrill-Seekers

Air Safari is India’s first-ever adventure aviation company which has changed the definition of adventure sports in India. They have flourished as a business for over a decade. At Air Safari, you are greeted by a bunch of skilled aviators who organise air safari itineraries in the best aircraft, helicopters, hot air balloons and light aircraft. Moreover, you will have a totally different visual experience with enchanting backdrops.

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Aviators At Aerospace Station

At this aerospace adventure club, their Rajas aviators are extremely skilled. They are certified commercial pilots with a thirst for adventure, who can fly in adverse weather conditions and remote areas. The bush pilots are a team of elite aviators who are involved in rescue operations, fun flying, and scenic flying. This is the first time that bush flying is being launched in India.

These pilots don’t use the traditional runways for landings and take-offs, and they fly through the remote and rocky terrains that are unreachable by any vehicle.

Adventure You Can Enjoy

If you are an adventure lover, then Air Safari has a lot to offer. First, you can explore the great Himalayas with the Himalayan Air Safari. You can watch the mesmerising view of these mountain ranges while taking the helicopter ride. Second, they have a charter safari that you can enjoy. If you are looking for an air travel mode for business and leisure travel, then this exclusive charter safari is perfect.

For soon-to-be-married couples, if no destination is good enough to capture your romantic journey, then why not book a helicopter ride? You can book your pre-wedding shoot with a beautiful mountain backdrop that will leave you in awe.

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So, when are you planning to book a ride?

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