Can You Now Travel By Train With A Platform Ticket And The TTE Won’t Even Stop You? Fact Check

by Shreya Ghosh
Can You Now Travel By Train With A Platform Ticket And The TTE Won’t Even Stop You? Fact Check

Imagine you need to travel somewhere very urgently and you just got to know about it. Getting a train ticket at the last minute is often impossible and many people cannot complete the train journey, ticketless. Can you commence your last-minute train travel without a proper ticket? There are so many reports of travelling on a train without a reservation ticket. But is that really true? Let’s find this out!

What If You Are Travelling On A Train Even If You Do Not Have A Reservation Ticket?

Toilets In TrainsIndian Railways is continuing as one of the biggest transportation facilities for a huge percentage of people in the country. Indian Railways has introduced many rules to make the journey smoother and they are improving things very often. But all of a sudden there’s news that the railways have now introduced a new rule where travelling with a platform ticket is possible even if you don’t get any reservations. For such times when you are not getting any train tickets to your destination, you can simply travel with a platform ticket. In reality, the truth is the very opposite of this. Here’s why.

Time For A Fact Check!

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  • Some portals are claiming that you can simply buy a platform ticket and board the train easily.
  • Now for the next step, you need to get hold of the TTE at the earliest and he/she can help you with a ticket to reach your destination. You won’t have to face any problems boarding the train without a proper ticket. Just make sure to contact the TTE soon and get your ticket. Fact check: There are no such rules for the railways. 
  • But what if all the seats are booked and the train doesn’t have a seat for you? Well, even then also you can travel to the destination but unfortunately without any seat on the train. It is once again another rumour.
  • If you end up missing the train, you will still have the chance to get your seat. But remember if you cannot board the train within the following two stations, the TTE will be able to pass on that seat to some other passenger. So make sure to not miss the train at any chance. Railways has no such rules!!!

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To clarify all these claims and rumours, Deepak Kumar, the Norther Railway CPRO, shared with EconomicTimes that the Railways have not initiated any such rules and regulations.

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