Can You Update Your Emirates ID Photo Before the Expiry? Here’s All About It

by Deeplata Garde
Can You Update Your Emirates ID Photo Before the Expiry? Here’s All About It

If you reside in the UAE, you’re likely well aware of the significance of your Emirates ID card. This official identification document serves a myriad of purposes. From opening a bank account to visa applications and more, this thin card serves multiple purposes. The card has your info and photo. But can we change the picture before the expiry of the Emirates ID card? Let’s find out.

Can We Change Emirates ID Card Photo Before Expiry?

Emirates ID
Pic Creds: UAE ICP

What if you find yourself dissatisfied with the photo gracing your Emirates ID card? Maybe it fails to capture your current appearance or you simply desire a more appealing image. You might wonder whether changing your Emirates ID photo prior to its expiration is possible.

The encouraging news is that indeed, you can. According to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICP), any alterations to the cardholder’s particulars, including the photo, must be reported to the appropriate ICP department within one month of the change. This includes the option to change your photo at any point during your card’s validity or the update process.

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Here’s The Step To Step To Change Your Photo

Emirates ID Photo
Pic Creds: Canva Stock Images

However, certain prerequisites and fees must be observed for modifying your Emirates ID photo.

  1. Visit an ICP customer happiness centre, ensuring you bring along your original passport and Emirates ID card.
  2. Prepare your replacement photo in advance.
  3. Complete an information-changing application and submit it, alongside the required documents like your passport copy, old Emirates ID card, and new photo.
  4. Pay the application fee of AED 150 for issuing an Emirates ID card with updated information.
  5. Payment options include cash, credit card, or e-Dirham card.
  6. Undergo biometric confirmation, including fingerprint and iris scans, at the centre.

Following are the Emirates ID Photo

  1. Image dimensions:35 to 40 mm in width, Minimum 600 dpi
  2. Image: High quality, recent, coloured, and no older than six months
  3. Background: White
  4. Facial Expression: Neutral and natural, without exaggeration
  5. Head Position: Straight and parallel to the photographic lens
  6. Eyes: Open and facing the camera, without coloured lenses
  7. Glasses: Permissible as long as they neither obscure the eyes nor reflect light
  8. Dress Code: Similar to the attire in your passport
  9. Head Covering: Allowed as per national dress or religious beliefs

Bear in mind that changing your Emirates ID photo is elective, not obligatory. You have the choice to retain your existing photo until card renewal or opt for a new one. Should you decide to alter your photo, be sure to do so within a month of the change to avoid a fine of AED 20 per day, up to a maximum of AED 1,000.

So now replace a more flattering photo according to your convenience on your Emirates ID Card.

Cover Image Courtesy: Media Gallery