Misplaced Or Lost Your Emirates ID? Here’s How To Get A New One

by Deeplata Garde
Misplaced Or Lost Your Emirates ID? Here’s How To Get A New One

Experiencing the loss of your Emirates ID can be a source of distress. If you are someone facing a similar crisis then be assured, we have the solution for it. There are specific measures you can take to secure a replacement. Let’s understand how to apply for a new EID card in case of misplacement or if you have lost it.

Apply For A New Emirates ID Card

Emirates ID
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Your Emirates ID holds substantial significance, serving as a fundamental document that attests to your identity and residency in the UAE. Moreover, it stands as an essential requirement for a diverse array of transactions and services, spanning from banking and healthcare to education and travel. As such, it is of utmost importance to promptly report the loss and commence the necessary steps for obtaining a replacement without any undue delay.

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Here Are The Steps To Apply For A Replacement

Emirates ID
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1. Your initial step should involve reaching out to the nearest ICP Customer Happiness Centre. Request an ID number confirmation or a duplicate of the lost ID from them.

2. A comprehensive list of these centres and their contact information is available on their official website.

3. Simultaneously, it’s essential to initiate a formal complaint at the local police station for the lost Emirates ID card. This will entail a fee of Dh70.

4. Ensure that you have a valid identity verification document in your possession. Acceptable options include your original passport, family book, or birth certificate.

5. For the subsequent stage, complete an application form at any of the ICA’s Customer Happiness Centres or via the UAE ICP app.

6. A payment of AED 300 has to be paid for the replacement, along with application fees of AED 70 if applying through typing centres. Pay AED 40 if applying with eForm

7. The concluding step involves retrieving your freshly issued ID card from Emirates Post.

Subsequently, you will receive a text message from ICP, conveying the status of your submitted application and providing an anticipated delivery date. The ID card is typically issued within 48 hours from the moment you submit the replacement application.

Here’s the list of documents you would need to apply for a fresh Emirates ID

1. recent passport-sized photograph
2. photocopy of your passport

Here’s everything you need to know about applying for a new Emirates ID card.

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