Canadian Food Joint Makes Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich; Foodies Say, “What In The Punjab”

Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich is receiving mixed reactions from Netizens.

by Shreya Ghosh
Canadian Food Joint Makes Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich; Foodies Say, “What In The Punjab”

What do you love more; sweet or savoury dishes? This is a DIFFICULT question to answer for all foodies. While we love relishing savoury, tangy, and spicy delicacies, we can never say no to appetising desserts and sweets. How do you like your burger? A bit spicy, right? However, a fast food restaurant in Calgary launched the Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich, a creation with a fusion of both tangy and sweet.

Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich… Looks Interesting!

Taking to Instagram, Birdie (@birdieyyc) shared a glimpse of this much-talked-about burger loaded with chicken, jalebi, and several other ingredients.


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Calgary’s Birdie added this one-of-a-kind burger to the menu recently. While sharing about the introduction, the fast food restaurant added that some customers found its Nashville sandwich to be too spicy. And for foodies with a lower spice tolerance, Birdie made this special Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich.

As much as we can understand from the picture of the sandwich, this dish has been prepared by layering a crispy deep-fried chicken patty, cheese, a jalebi, and some other ingredients inside burger buns. Each bite of the sandwich will be a blend of sweetness of jalebi and the spicy seasoned taste of the chicken patty.

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Here’s What The Netizens Think About This Sweet & Spicy Innovation

Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich
Instagram/ Birdie (@birdieyyc)

A few Instagrammers thought it to be an April Fool’s joke and not a real creation. A comment under the post reads, “I know this is an April Fools joke. but it really shouldn’t”. We are going LOL reading this comment, “What in the Punjab is going on”. A chef shared his view on this fusion of sweet and spicy combination and shared, “Okay. I don’t want to judge this till I taste it. From a chef’s perspective a sweet deep fried jalebi might work with a burger that has a tangy spicy sauce”.

While some Netizens are not all impressed with this idea of Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich, some actually are quite impressed and wish to try it. “Whoever came up with this sandwich idea deserves a raise”, an Instagrammer commented.

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Would you like to try the Jalebi Baby Fried Chicken Sandwich?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Birdie (@birdieyyc)

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