This Delhi Man Restarted His Food Business Even After A Paralysis Attack

Chatora Junction Shahdara Delhi
by Suchismita Pal 741

When we visit an eatery, we eagerly wait for the food to arrive so that we can gobble it up and pamper our cravings. Till the food arrives, we usually check out other dishes on the menu, look at the ambience or chat with our friends. But while visiting small food joints, have you ever paused and looked at the constant hard work the sellers put in to render the best of services? Unlike big restaurants, small food joints have hardly a couple of chefs and at times no chefs at all. Sometimes it is just one or two persons running the shop. And then they offer the food with heartwarming smiles. In many cases, some tear-jerking stories are hidden behind these smiles. Such is the story of this man who runs his shop Chatora Junction in Delhi’s Shahdara. At first, he was dealing with losses in his business. And this was followed by a paralysis attack. But after recovery, he stood back, regained courage and restarted his food business all over again.

The Shop Sells Momos, Burgers, Spring Rolls And More

Nestled in Jwala Nagar Chowk, in proximity to the lane of St. John’s School, sits the small food shop Chatora Junction. The owner and his family run this food business now and they sell momos, burgers, spring rolls, tikkas and a wide array of other snacks. After the owner recovered from paralysis, it was his family who backed him in picking up his business. It is truly said that the family’s support is the biggest support. The owner’s story was uploaded on the Instagram handle are_you_hungry007 and it was garnered over 62.4k likes. The internet has ushered him with loads of praises.


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Grab Unlimited Combo At ₹99 At Chatora Junction

Chatora Junction serves an unlimited combo at just ₹99 for one person. For two persons, the unlimited combo comes at ₹199. At ₹299, four people can enjoy the unlimited combo. What’s more, keeping up with the current trends, the shop also throws up games like momo challenges for boys and girls.

So, the next time you’re at Shahdara, do not forget to pay a visit to this grub corner! On that note, read the story of This Delhi Man Who Opened Food Stall Despite Losing Leg In An Accident.