Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus While Holidaying With Mistress

by Gizel Menezes
Cheating Husband Catches Coronavirus While Holidaying With Mistress

Welcome to another episode of karma doing what it does best! (Just kidding; this is serious). A cheating husband has contracted the contagious coronavirus while on a secret trip to Italy with his mistress. A UK national, he left the country on the pretext of a business trip!

Image Courtesy: Business Insider

What’s In It?

The man – whose identity is undercover – had reportedly confessed to public health coordinators in Northern England about how he had picked up the coronavirus on his ‘so-called business trip’ overseas. He has been described by sources as a well-heeled man in his late 30s with a high-flying job. While he disclosed the details of his trip and affair with the doctors, he has refused to name his mistress. Wow, so much for (im)morality!

While his wife has no clue about what her husband had been up to in Italy, she still believes he caught the virus while on the business trip. She has now self-isolated herself at their lavish home in the north of England.

A source has told ‘The Sun’ that despite his infection, the man is expected to survive the outbreak, but unlikely his extramarital affair.

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What’s More?

The man was lucky enough to get out before flights got canceled and Italy went into a complete lockdown. “He thought he had the perfect alibi to carry out his affair but hadn’t reckoned on the coronavirus meltdown. The patient is just relieved he got home before flights were canceled – that would have taken some explaining,” the source added.

The man’s case has become the talk of public health officials. And although his case is funny; contracting the virus is a serious affair.  He is said to be in a blind panic now; more because his adultery is likely to be exposed than his health.

The total number of confirmed cases across Italy also continues to rise dramatically as it is in the midst of a lockdown.

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