Check Your Mineral Water Bottle As It Comes With An Expiry Date Too!

by Sanmita A
Check Your Mineral Water Bottle As It Comes With An Expiry Date Too!

Have you ever cared to check the expiry date on your packaged mineral water bottle? Yes, certain companies have begun to print best before dates on the bottles. And it’s a little scary wondering does water expires? And if one is allowed to drink old water! Experts suggest water as old as six months is consumable provided it is stored well. All one needs to do is keep the water in proper condition.

Can You Drink From Expired Plastic Water Bottles?

No, researchers suggest that it is safe not to drink from plastic water bottles after they expire because of their storage conditions. In addition, plastic can be harmful and hamper your body’s functioning. Polyethene terephthalate (PET), a substance from plastic bottles, seeps into the water. Once exposed to sunlight, the water’s taste also changes accordingly. It might, in turn, affect your health adversely.

Additionally, companies package the water similarly to other beverages and drinks packed. Hence, if these beverages expire after a specific date, the water filled in these bottles also expires. You must also consider that plastic water bottles with a 2 year expiration window.

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What Kind Of Health Issues Can Affect You?

When one drinks water from an expired water bottle, one might face neurological uneasiness and reproductive issues. In addition, experts say that such water can also affect one’s immune system.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the expiration date before purchasing packaged water bottles. If you miss the dates, you will notice a strong smell or odour in the water while consuming it. Always remember to consider the packaging of your water. Let no one fool you otherwise.

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