Consuming Fried Food Items To Break Karwa Chauth Fast? Here’s Why You Should Avoid Them

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Consuming Fried Food Items To Break Karwa Chauth Fast? Here’s Why You Should Avoid Them

Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated in India. On this day, Hindu married women observe fast for the whole day from sunrise to moonrise. The long fast is broken only after looking at the moon through the sieve. Finally being able to eat after the fast surely feels so peaceful. But are you thinking of consuming fried food items after fasting? Well, then we recommend you to not. Why? Keep reading.

Breaking Karwa Chauth Fast With Fried Items

On Karwa Chauth as it is a festival, many Indian delicacies from puri to bhajiya to sweets are prepared. But while breaking the fast, one has to be careful about what they are eating. This is because your metabolism rate is slowed down and having anything and everything can have adverse effects. Consuming fried items like bhajiya, puri, etc. will lead your stomach to take extra time in the digestion of food. As you have fasted all day, consuming fried items can cause headaches and acidity. Depending on your body, you might also suffer from loose motion and gastric irritation. It is better to consume food items that are light on your stomach.

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Food To Eat After The Fast

Your digestive system was put to rest for the entire day of Karwa Chauth and suddenly burdening it will not be right. So instead of just gorging on food items, try to keep it balanced. You can drink a glass of fruit juice, cucumber juice or mint juice. Keep your meal light and consume a warm bowl of soup. Your body was devoid of protein, calcium, iron and vitamins, so feed it dry fruits as it is the best source. Any Which ways it is not advisable to take any caffeinated drink or soft drinks post 6-7 pm, make sure you do not consume any of them after breaking the fast. Make sure your meal is balanced and not too heavy so that your system does not get adversely affected.

Karwa Chauth

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